Hustler: The Clinton Legacy

Buy Hustler: The Clinton Legacy — Joe Sobran's insightful essays on White House politics in the 1990s

The second edition of Hustler: The Clinton Legacy, a book that Joe Sobran compiled of his columns on President Bill Clinton, and his wife, Hillary, has been reprinted. It is available at Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.

Read Excerpts of Hustler.

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy contains 82 columns that were written during the eight years of Bill Clinton's presidency (1992-2000).

Read Excerpts of Hustler.

Sobran describes the scandals, corruption, bimbo eruptions, FileGate, Whitewater, greed, opportunism, fanaticism, glad-handing. bullying, hypocrisy, and more.

It is important the public, which has a short memory or no memory of the eight years of Bill Clinton’s reign in the White House, find out what sort of president he really was — and how Hillary enabled him every step of the way.

In describing past U.S. presidents, Sobran said in Hustler: “Americans have been taught to expect their presidents to be great men: men of substance, courage, eloquence, and dignity. Clinton has none of these qualities and hardly pretends to have them. He has no smack of the hero or man of destiny. On the contrary. He is nothing but a skilled political specialist, a charmingly unscrupulous improviser, possessing all the currently necessary arts of raising money, wooing important power blocs, and getting elected. He has no existence outside today’s small political arena.”

Sobran wrote that the Clinton legacy “is one of limitless lawless, centralized government, untrammeled executive power, and stunning moral erosion.”

He also said that “Clinton is a grave sign of the times, of our national amnesia about our moral and political traditions. Only a country that had lost its memory and its capacity for heroic aspiration could have chosen and endured such a man as its leader. In the end Clinton's presidency was saved because of the erosion of morel standards he himself had done so much to promote. It is fitting that one of his chief defenders should be Larry Flynt.”

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) endorsed Hustler: The Clinton Legacy as follows:
“Lest we forget what a disaster this man was in the White House, Joe Sobran’s writings remind us of the anti-Constitutional, pro-statist policies that President Clinton foisted on America. Sobran’s unique style and insightful analysis make for a superb book.”

Rev. Ronald Tacelli, S.J. had this to say about Sobran and Hustler: The Clinton Legacy:
“Joe Sobran has a talent, unequaled among contemporary journalists, for seeing through a mass of confusing and seemingly disparate details to the moral center that unites them. But his writing, though morally serious, is never moralistic: never solemn, pretentious, or dull. He transforms the most squalid subjects with his sparkling wit and unerring sense of the absurd. And in the Clinton presidency, he's found a subject worthy of his talent. Hustler: The Clinton Legacy is a chillingly hilarious book.”

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