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July 17, 2013

Obama — At War With America
by Robert L. Hale
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MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA — It is amazing that no one is willing to acknowledge the obvious — Barack Obama has declared war on America and everything America stands for. 

He has not simply declared war; he has advanced his war with a blitzkrieg of attacks unlike anything America has ever faced. The attacks have been aimed at the heart of America's character, America's purpose, and the values that made America great. 


[Obama] has not simply declared war; he has advanced his war with a blitzkrieg of attacks unlike anything America has ever faced. The attacks have been aimed at the heart of America's character, America's purpose, and the values that made America great.


He and his minions have attacked the core protections of our Constitution, as well as its underlying Judeo-Christian foundation. To date, their war has met no resistance. America has simply accepted the assaults as one constitutional guarantee and protection after another has been brutally decimated. As this war is being waged, Americans sit in silence and disbelief.

During the first four years of his Presidency, there may have been some basis for arguing that Barack Obama was not the greatest threat to the survival of a free and Constitutional America. There is no longer any basis to continue this fiction.

• Barack Obama is the most lawless chief executive in America's history. His Administration has intentionally bankrupted the nation and undermined our financial standing in the world. Already, America has more people on welfare, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and federal assistance than at any time in our history. Real unemployment and underemployment rates are approaching 25 percent of those seeking full-time employment.

• The Obama Administration has intentionally unleashed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to do its bidding by attacking and harassing honest Americans. The IRS has become a political tool; it no longer even pretends to be an impartial agency.

• Obama's Department of Justice, headed by Eric Holder, ignores the rule of law; Holder has become a law unto himself. He engages in federal "sting operations" such as Fast and Furious that endanger Americans. When exposed, he first denied that he knew anything about it until investigations confirmed that he lied. The operation resulted in the deaths of American border patrol agents. No apology and more lies have followed, as he pretends nothing happened.

• Under Obama, Americans for the first time are forced to purchase products mandated by the government (Obamacare), whether they wish them or not. The U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way, permitting the federal government to impose virtually any mandate, regardless of whether Americans wish the mandated products; so much for freedom of choice. Failure to comply brings fines and penalties, and it can result in imprisonment; so much for a free country.

• American no longer has religious freedom. Employers are now required by the federal government to violate their religious convictions. Obama's health care plan mandates that every employer pay for and provide free abortion inducing and contraceptive drugs to all female employees.

• Obama has called for the elimination of private schools, specifically, religious schools. He claims they are divisive and hinder peace and cooperation. His administration has unleashed a Federal Core Curriculum, which it is force-feeding to every public school in America. Even a cursory look at the curriculum makes it clear it is not education but indoctrination.

• The rule of law in America no longer exists. The courts have become rubber stamps permitting federal and state governments to do virtually anything they wish, passing their actions off as "the rule of law." This is not the rule of law; it is the rule of lawlessness. History is clear; when the rule of law fails, the consequences are horrific. We need look no further than Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and more recently Libya, Egypt, and Syria.

• Warrantless searches and invasion of the privacy of millions of Americans by government is raging. Billions of our private communications are illegally and brazenly intercepted and recorded by our government. All this, we are told, is legal because special courts have said it is legal. Yes, secret special courts.

• Ignoring Congress, Obama is unilaterally shutting down the bulk of America's electricity-generating capacity, allegedly to protect the environment. Yet, the science he points to is, at best, unsettled. Rather than engage in debate, he engages in the classic rhetoric of every totalitarian — he ridicules anyone who contradicts his position. Only totalitarian environments hamper open, fair, and honest debate.

• Rather than attempting to unite Americans, he repeatedly and intentionally sows division. He pits the rich against the poor, inflames racial tensions when calm and reason are needed, and attacks self-reliance while penalizing hard work and individual responsibility.

• He encourages dependence on government, and then he accuses those who work hard of not paying their fair share. At the same time, he golfs, vacations, and spends hundreds of millions of dollars living as an emperor. These are dollars confiscated from those who work hard, take personal responsibility seriously, and adhere to traditional values.

America is at war, a war declared and waged by a very dangerous person — America's own President and those with whom he has surrounded himself. Convincing Americans there is no war is Obama's greatest deception and his most powerful weapon. Our Founding Fathers gave us the tools to fight back. These tools work only if used. Will America chose to save itself or quietly surrender? If America is to survive, its real leaders must come forward quickly.

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Robert L. Hale received his J.D. in law from Gonzaga University Law School in Spokane, Washington. He is founder and director of a non-profit public interest law firm. For more than three decades he has been involved in drafting proposed laws and counseling elected officials in ways to remove burdensome and unnecessary rules and regulations.

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