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Harley Price

“Heretical” Ideas

Harley Price (M.A., Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto; A.M., Ph.D., Princeton University) has taught courses on literature, philosophy, and religion (at the University of Toronto, Tyndale University College, and the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies) from the academically novel perspective that the great writers and thinkers of the Western Tradition, from Homer to Milton, Plato to Pico, have something to teach us (rather than the other way around: i.e., they are dead; they are past reforming).

His political and social commentary has appeared in Our Canada, The Idler, The Interim, Catholic Insight, and The Epoch Times, and his fortnightly “Essays in Reaction to the Smelly Little Orthodoxies of the Day,” and “Essays on The Perennial Things,” may be read on his website,

He is a member of Campaign Life Coalition, Civitas, and The National Association of Scholars. When he is not writing or teaching, he communes with the past by collecting, restoring, and building reproductions of Georgian and Federal furniture in his basement workshop, using eighteenth-century woodworking tools.

FGF Books has published an anthology of Harley Price’s articles, Give Speech A Chance: Heretical Essays on What You Can’t Say or Even Think (FGF Books, hardcover, 326 pages, June 15, 2022). Order this book from FGF Books, (USA) or (Canada)