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December 12, 2013

Jesus' Christmas List*
by Barry Sullivan
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Painting by Kathleen Murphy

Many of you have asked Me for Christmas gifts over the years, and yet few have asked Me what I would like for My birthday. Just in case you might like to know, I ask that:

• Each of you would live each day as if it were your last, and be ready to meet Me for the Final Judgment without fear because you have lived a life for Me. Note: At the Final Judgment, I don't care what the majority did, only what you did.

• Each person who meets you would see Me in the way you live every aspect of your life. Remember, you may be the only vision of Me they ever see.

• Every person you meet would be able to give your funeral eulogy and say what a positive influence you had on their choosing to know, love, and serve Me.

• Each of you would realize that your personal happiness and fulfillment are not the reasons why I put you on earth.

• Each of you would constantly strive to learn more about your Christian Faith through reading the Bible, praying, and receiving the sacraments often.

• Each of you would treat everyone (including the not-so-popular, handicapped, poor, those who get on your nerves, and anyone else you like to avoid) as if they were Me because that is how valuable they are to Me.

• Each of your friends and family, when facing a moral dilemma, would see you as the "go-to person" who would give them moral guidance that will help them save their lives and their souls. "Right is right even if nobody is right; wrong is wrong even if everybody is wrong."

• Each of you would realize it is not "your body" but "Mine." I have given it to you for a short, unspecified time to accomplish My work, so do not destroy it through drugs, alcohol, or promiscuous sex.

Each of you would visualize Me as the conductor of everyone in this great orchestra playing the symphony called "Life." I have given each of you a specific piece of music, and no one else can play your part. If you play well (make good choices in life), then those around you (family, friends, acquaintances, clerks) will benefit immensely. If you play poorly or not at all, the music will not be as beautiful as it could have been, and we shall all regret that.

Merry Christmas,

*As given to Barry Sullivan. This article may be published, posted, and forwarded.

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Nativity scene by Kathleen Murphy. Reprinted with permission.

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