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Western Civilization
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Mark Wegierski

Mark Wegierski

“Creche maker armed with a knife and 90 years of wisdom”:
an article about Feliks Wegierski, father of Mark Wegierski

Mark Wegierski recalls the accomplishments of his 96-year old father, Feliks, in an article at

View From The North

Mark Wegierski holds a B.A. (Hons), M.A. in History, M.L.S., and certificate in creative writing, all from the University of Toronto, and a graduate certificate in creative writing from Humber College. He is a Toronto-based writer, social critic, and historical researcher and is published in major Canadian newspapers, as well as in U.S. scholarly journals such as Humanitas, Review of Metaphysics, and Telos, and in popular U.S. magazines such as Chronicles and The World & I. His writing has also appeared in Polish, British, and German publications, including Politeja (Cracow: Jagiellonian University) and Salisbury Review. His article on Canada was reprinted in Annual Editions: World Politics, 1998–99 (Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 1998).

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