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November 30, 2015
Allan Brownfeld examines Income Inequality: An Emerging Issue Once Addressed By The Founding Fathers

November 24, 2015
Jon Utley reviews Martin Van Creveld's new book in From Sun Tzu to Fourth Generation Warfare

November 19, 2015
Allan Brownfeld thinks that Conservatives Have Forgotten What They Want To Conserve

November 13, 2015
Thomas DiLorenzo presents A Warmonger's Guide to Militarism and Imperialism (under the Guise of "Constitutionalism")

November 4, 2015
Joe Sobran says that unless you believe that man has an immortal soul,there are limits to how deeply you can believe in human dignity. See: Do We Have Souls?

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October 30, 2015
Mary Ann Kreitzer examines the “new” medicine that ignores the dignity of life in
When Social Engineers Play God:
Transforming American Medicine

October 21, 2015
Christopher Manion discusses the gay lobby’s impact on the Catholic Church in Cancer in the Curia

October 15, 2015
Joe Sobran describes how the views of so-called “experts"are often more misleading than our own independent judgment. See: Falsifying the Past

October 7, 2015
Joe Sobran pays tribute to Christ and the Blessed Virgin in Give Me that Old-Time Unitarianism

October 1, 2015
Allan Brownfeld reflects on materialism, crony capitalism, and the true nature of man in Pope Francis’s Introspection About Capitalism

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Our mission is to research and study, and inform and educate leaders and the public regarding the need to preserve the underpinnings of Western Civilization, including, but not limited to science, religion, education, art, music, literature, journalism, poetry, the English language, the Latin language, and law. 
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Income Inequality: An Emerging Issue Once Addressed By The Founding Fathers
by Allan C. Brownfeld
November 30
, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA — We have been hearing a great deal about income inequality in recent days, particularly from Sen. Bernie Sanders. Part of this interest is fueled by many examples of excess at the top. 
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From Sun Tzu to Fourth Generation Warfare
by Jon Basil Utley
November 24
, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. — “We’re winning.” “We can win.” “We will win.” “We must win.” This was the constant talk of American generals in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria. The failure of U.S. strategy is obvious to the whole world. America violates nearly all the precepts of history’s lessons, wreaking chaos and misery upon more nations, but not “winning.”
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Conservatives Have Forgotten What They Want To Conserve
by Allan C. Brownfeld
November 19
, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA — In his novel Coningsby, the great British Conservative leader Benjamin Disraeli noted that the first thing a conservative must ask himself is what it is he means to conserve. 
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A Warmonger's Guide to Militarism and Imperialism
(under the Guise of "Constitutionalism")

by guest columnist Thomas DiLorenzo
November 13
, 2015

[LewRockwell.com] — When Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton was an undergraduate at Harvard he took time out to become a “Publius Fellow” at the “Straussian” neocon Pentagon propaganda mill known as the Claremont Institute in Claremont, California. 
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Do We Have Souls?
by Joe Sobran
November 4
, 2015

[Classic: November 1994] — I’ve noticed that in the eternal debate over prayer in the public
schools, one issue is never even brought up: Does prayer work?
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When Social Engineers Play God:
Transforming American Medicine

by Mary Ann Kreitzer
October 30
, 2015

SHENANDOAH VALLEY, VA — U.S. medical care and its delivery are changing and have been for several decades. When was the last time you were sick, called the doctor’s office and actually saw the doctor?
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Cancer in the Curia
by Christopher Manion
October 21
, 2015

FRONT ROYAL, VA — So Pope Francis met with Kim Davis* and her husband — both cradle Catholics, by the way — and the Left went bananas.
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Falsifying the Past
by Joe Sobran
October 15
, 2015

[Classic: July 1,1999] — When we want to learn about a subject, our natural impulse is to turn to the “experts” and see what they’ve had to say about it. But this can be a serious mistake. Sometimes the “experts” are more misleading than our own independent judgment.
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Give Me that Old-Time Unitarianism
by Joe Sobran
October 7
, 2015

[Classic: 11/28/1996] — Have you noticed? Our Lord has made the cover of The Atlantic Monthly, in an excerpt from a forthcoming book by Charlotte Allen. The article concerns the theories of contemporary theologians about the “Q” gospel, the supposed source of the Synoptic Gospels.
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Pope Francis’s Introspection About Capitalism
by Allan C. Brownfeld
October 1
, 2015

Pope Francis

ALEXANDRIA, VA — It has been said by some of his critics that Pope Francis does not understand capitalism, having grown  up in Peronist Argentina. This may be true.
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