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June 3, 2015
Joe Sobran discusses the liberal campaign to bring gays into the Boy Scouts in The Few and the Many

May 26, 2015
Charles Mills discusses safeguards to amending the U.S. Constitution and the recent Irish vote in Ireland’s Plebiscite Negates its Constitution’s Preamble

May 19, 2015
Craig Turner issues a plea and warning to the Emerald Isle in Citizens of Ireland: Vote "No" on the Marriage Referendum

May 14, 2015
Allan Brownfeld is please that there is One Area of Bi-Partisan Agreement: Our Criminal Justice System is Broken

May 7, 2015
Allan Brownfeld looks at the reasons for the riots last week in "White Racism" Is The Scapegoat in Baltimore, Not The Culprit

May 4, 2015
Joe Sobran looks at the impact of the theory of evolution in From Darwin to Kervorkian

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April 24, 2015
Christopher Manion offers advice for Governor Scott Walker in Lost In The Dark, The GOP Is Longing For A Spark

April 22, 2015
Craig Turner examines the legacy of Dr. Kevorkian in Can America Stop the Tide of Assisted Suicide?

April 17, 2015
Allan Brownfeld looks at the choreographed launch of Hillary's presidential campaign in What Hillary Clinton's Attempt To Re-create Herself Tells Us About American Politics

April 6, 2015
An Easter Meditation:
Resurrection Apparitions of Christ

April 2, 2015
Allan Brownfeld considers the push for war in Iran by American neo-conservatives in War in Iran Could Repeat Folly of Iraq War

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The Few and the Many
by Joe Sobran
June 3
, 2015

[Publisher’s Note: Joe Sobran wrote about the targeting of the Boy Scouts of America by the homosexual lobby 15 years ago — long before they abandoned their "morally straight" oath and began to allow boys who were "open and avowed" homosexuals into scout troops. In late May, BSA president, Robert Gates, advocated for gay troop leaders. As Sobran points out, below, "nothing is more surprising than the ease with which a tiny minority of organized homosexuals has been overpowering such a mainstream organization as the Boy Scouts of America."]

[Classic: 10/10/2000] — The philosopher David Hume once observed: “Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few.”
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Ireland’s Plebiscite Negates its Constitution’s Preamble
by Charles G. Mills
May 26
, 2015

GLEN COVE, NY — Ireland has created and inserted a “right” to homosexual marriage into its Constitution by a simple vote in a plebiscite. Decisions on important constitutional issues by plebiscite became popular in Europe as it embraced “democracy” in the twentieth century.
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Citizens of Ireland: Vote "No" on the Marriage Referendum
by Craig Turner
May 19
, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. — I write from the United States as a citizen whose ancestors came from the Emerald Isle. As much as I love my country, at times I am beside myself with grief because of the decisions made by our leaders.
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One Area of Bi-Partisan Agreement:
Our Criminal Justice System is Broken

by Allan C. Brownfeld
May 14
, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA — As crime rates have fallen across the country, the number of people in prison has increased dramatically.
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"White Racism" Is The Scapegoat in Baltimore,
Not The Culprit

by Allan C. Brownfeld
May 7
, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Unrest in Baltimore, and legitimate questions about the death in police custody of Freddie Gray, a young African-American, have produced the usual charges of "white racism" and comparisons with the death of another young black man in Ferguson, Missouri several months ago, as well as similar incidents in North Charleston, South Carolina and Staten Island, New York. Each of these cases is different, and characterizing them as part of a single pattern of police behavior may be missing the reality of what is, in fact, taking place.
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From Darwin to Kevorkian
by Joe Sobran
May 4
, 2015

[Classic: 4/15/1999] — In days of old, when the federal government usurped powers never granted to it, Americans said that the Constitution had been violated. Today we say the Constitution has “evolved.”
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Lost In The Dark, The GOP Is Longing For A Spark
by Christopher Manion
April 24
, 2015

FRONT ROYAL, VA — Confusion and cacophony go hand in hand as the GOP’s limps towards 2016.
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Gov. Scott Walker

Can America Stop the Tide of Assisted Suicide?
by Craig Turner
April 22
, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Several states have measures on their ballots that, if passed, will legalize assisted suicide in those states.

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Dr. Kevorkian

What Hillary Clinton's Attempt To Re-create Herself
Tells Us About American Politics

by Allan C. Brownfeld
April 17
, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Hillary  Clinton, in announcing her presidential candidacy, is now engaged in an effort to re-create herself.  The unusual commercial she used to introduce her campaign has received critical reviews, from liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats.
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