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June 22, 2017
Patrick Buchanan’s column: A Long History of Leftist Hatred

June 15, 2017
Patrick Buchanan examines the effort of the Deep State and big media to bring down the president in Deep State Sabotaging Trump Agenda

June 8, 2017
Joe Sobran makes clear distinctions in two words that are often interchanged. See Patriotism or Nationalism?

May 29, 2017
Patrick Buchanan, whose great-grandfather fought in the Civil War, questions Dishonoring Confederate War Dead

May 25, 2017
Robert Hale discusses a potential revolution against tyranny in Trump and Brexit: a Revolt Against the Elites

May 18, 2017
Pat Buchanan shows that Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre doesn’t compare to the firing of the FBI director. See Trump, Watergate, & Comey

May 12, 2017
Patrick Buchanan laments the eradication of Christianity in its cradle. See Christians Being Driven Out of the Holy Land

May 3, 2017
Joe Sobran poignantly examines forgiveness in Crime and Mercy

April 26, 2017
Sam Francis bemoans the apologies for the medieval Holy Land crusades in Guilt Trip Over the Crusades

April 19, 2017
Joe Sobran laments the ignorance of otherwise educated people about religion in Christianity and History

April 13, 2017
Jason Jewell reviews a collection of Sobran’s writings in Thoughts on a New Dark Age: A review of the Sobran collection, Subtracting Christianity

March 30, 2017
Robert Hale compares the U.S.’ 40+ year war on drugs with the war on drugs being waged by President Duterte in Philippines’ President Wages A Real War on Drugs

March 23, 2017
Ann Coulter looks at the liberals' hatred of Putin in Let's Make Russia Our Sister Country

March 16, 2017
Allan Brownfeld discusses the cancellation of Charles Murray’s lecture in Violent Attack on Free Speech at Middlebury College

March 7, 2017
Yvonne Lorenzo reviews a collection of Sobran’s writings in Sober Wisdom in Sobran’s Subtracting Christianity

February 22, 2017
Joe Sobran's 2008 column discusses the deification of Abraham Lincoln. See Lincoln and His Legacy

February 3, 2017
Patrick Buchanan analyzes the hysterical reaction to Trump’s Travel Ban

January 27, 2017
Patrick Buchanan critiques President Trump's inaugural speech in Trump's Inaugural: America For Americans!

January 18, 2017
Joe Sobran's 2003 column looks at Andrew Sullivan, "gay" Catholics, and moral law. See: Sacraments and Sodomy

January 12, 2017
Joe Sobran's 1996 column defines the goals of wedlock in a healthy society. See: Love and Marriage

January 06, 2017
A prominent black conservative is ending his syndicated column after 25 years. See Allan Brownfeld’s Black Economist Thomas Sowell -- Champion of A Color-Blind Society

December 30, 2016
Joe Sobran looks at the spiritually demanding and powerful words of Christ in The Man They Still Hate

December 22, 2016
Christ is inseparable from Christmas. See Joe Sobran's Resisting Jesus

December 15, 2016
Christopher Manion reviews the latest Sobran anthologies in A Joe Sobran Christmas

December 08, 2016
Joe Sobran looks at Garry Wills’ assault on the Catholic Church in Eccentric Catholicism

December 02, 2016
Charles Mills examines just options for the former First Lady in What Should America Do with Hillary Clinton?

November 24, 2016
Joe Sobran looks at the life of a holy nun in Hating Mother Teresa

November 17, 2016
Patrick Buchanan says that our president-elect will be able to reconfigure U.S. foreign policy. See: The Trump Doctrine: America First

November 11, 2016
Patrick Buchanan advises urgent action to the president-elect. See: Boldly Enact Campaign Pledges

November 04, 2016
A News Conference on Hustler: The Clinton Legacy at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

October 31, 2016
Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas reviews Hustler: The Clinton Legacyin
Billary: Two for the Price of One

October 28, 2016
Joe Sobran illustrates Bill Clinton's readiness to abuse power for sleazy purposes in
Our Debt to Paula Jones

September 30, 2016
Jon Utley delves into the nature of socialism and capitalism in
Why Socialism is Still Popular

September 22, 2016
Joe Sobran looks at an ex-member of the “vast right wing conspiracy” in
The Defection of David Brock

September 7, 2016
Jon Utley extols the Sweetheart
of the Silent Majority
Phyllis Schlafly: An Anti-War Conservative who Supported Goldwater, Reagan, and Trump

August 29, 2016
Robert Royal reviews the Sobran collection, Subtracting Christianity at The Catholic Thing in
The Times are Out of Joint

August 25, 2016
Joe Sobran examines theocracy and the separation of church and state in Two Cheers for Theocracy

August 17, 2016
Rev. Peter Stravinskas reviews the latest Sobran collection, Subtracting Christianity in The Wit and Wisdom of a “Most Gloriously Judgmental” Man

August 11, 2016
Joe Sobran's 1997 column could have been written today with a slight update. See Clinton's Gut Issue

August 4, 2016
Joe Sobran opines why Bill Clinton ordered the bombing of Kosovo in 1999 in a classic column,

July 27, 2016
In 1996, scandal-ridden Bill and Hillary were embroiled in Filegate, Travelgate, and the Whitewater investigation.
See Joe Sobran's column,
The Flying Clintons

July 21, 2016
Joe Sobran examines the
character of our 42nd president

in The Selfless President

July 13, 2016
Joe Sobran tries to argue common sense with a transsexual
in Diane Speaks His Piece

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A Long History of Leftist Hatred
by Patrick J. Buchanan
June 22
, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, who aspired to end his life as a mass murderer of Republican Congressmen, was a Donald Trump hater and a Bernie Sanders backer.

Like many before him, Hodgkinson was a malevolent man of the hating and hard left. READ MORE

Deep State Sabotaging Trump Agenda
by Patrick J. Buchanan
June 15
, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Trump may be chief of state, head of government and commander in chief, but his administration is shot through with disloyalists plotting to bring him down.

We are approaching something of a civil war where the capital city seeks the overthrow of the sovereign and its own restoration. READ MORE

Patriotism or Nationalism?
by Joe Sobran
June 8
, 2017

Joe Sobran Griffin Internet Syndiate,10/16/2001 -- This is a season of patriotism, but also of something that is easily mistaken for patriotism; namely, nationalism. The difference is vital.

G.K. Chesterton once observed that Rudyard Kipling, the great poet of British imperialism, suffered from a “lack of patriotism.” He explained: “He admires England, but he does not love her; for we admire things with reasons, but love them without reasons. He admires England because she is strong, not because she is English.”


Dishonoring Confederate War Dead
by Patrick J. Buchanan
May 29
, 2017

Confederate General Stonewall Jackson surveys a battle scene WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On Sept. 1, 1864, Union forces under Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, victorious at Jonesborough, burned Atlanta and began the March to the Sea where Sherman's troops looted and pillaged farms and towns all along the 300-mile road to Savannah.

Captured in the Confederate defeat at Jonesborough was William Martin Buchanan of Okolona, Mississippi, who was transferred by rail to the Union POW stockade at Camp Douglas, Illinois.

By the standards of modernity, my great-grandfather, fighting to prevent the torching of Georgia's capital, was engaged in a criminal and immoral cause.


Trump and Brexit: a Revolt Against the Elites
by Robert L. Hale
May 25
, 2017

MINOT, ND -- I sense a new and real revolution brewing. It is, in some ways, not unlike the American Revolution. America’s Revolution was pushed by the revulsion for arrogant King George III and his insistence that colonists give him their money (taxes) to impose his will on them, without their representation.

There is a reason that the current tension in the EU and America’s rejection of the left/progressivism is so threatening to the U.S. and EU power structures.


Trump, Watergate, & Comey
by Patrick J. Buchanan
May 18
, 2017

Patrick J. Buchanan: Nixon's White House Wars WASHINGTON, D.C. -- History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce, said Marx.

On publication day of my memoir of Richard Nixon's White House, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Instantly, the media cried "Nixonian," comparing it to the 1973 Saturday Night Massacre.

Yet, the differences are stark. READ MORE

Christians Being Driven Out of the Holy Land
by Patrick J. Buchanan
May 12
, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?)" Those are among Jesus' last words on the Cross that first Good Friday. It was a cry of agony, but not despair. The dying Christ, to rise again in three days, was repeating the first words of the 22nd Psalm.

And today, in lands where Christ lived and taught and beyond where the Christian faith was born and nourished, the words echo. For it is in the birthplace of Christianity that Christians face the greatest of persecutions and martyrdoms since the time of Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin.


Crime and Mercy
by Joe Sobran
May 3
, 2017

Joe Sobran CLASSIC, 6/24/2008 -- Reports of some criminals in the news media fill me with furtive delight and admiration: the clever embezzler who bilks a huge corporation, the gifted swindler who passes off his forgery as a Picasso. I can almost excuse a crime that requires talent or wit, as long as nobody gets seriously hurt. Part of me whispers enviously, "Why didn't I think of that?"

But now and then a reported crime will move me to murderous indignation.


Guilt Trip Over the Crusades
by Sam Francis
April 26
, 2017

CLASSIC, 4/27/1999 -- One anniversary that’s not on this year’s calendar is the 900th observance of the capture of Jerusalem by Christian crusaders on July 15, 1099. As a matter of fact, it’s an anniversary that’s probably never been on any year’s calendar, since virtually everyone forgot about it sometime around the year 1600. But some never forget, and they’re getting ready to do what 20th century man is supposed to do, at least in the West: apologize for it.


Christianity and History
by Joe Sobran
April 19
, 2017

CLASSIC, 9/28/1999 -- Ignorance is often hidden behind an urbane surface. Many otherwise educated people lack the most elementary understanding of certain subjects. One of these is religion.


Thoughts on a New Dark Age: A review of the Sobran collection, Subtracting Christianity
by Jason Jewell
April 13
, 2017

Subtracting Christianity MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA – “On the whole, the secularist media seem to be resigned to the election of a Catholic to the papacy” (210). This line, written in 2005 shortly after Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, is vintage Joe Sobran. It is not just extremely witty. In a few words, it communicates so much: the stability of Roman Catholic doctrine, the hatred of that doctrine by so many moderns, and those moderns’ reluctant acknowledgment that the church is not inclined to change in order to suit them.

Subtracting Christianity: Essays on American Culture and Society, where this line has most recently appeared, is the latest published collection of the essays of Joseph Sobran (1946–2010), one of the most dynamic and controversial journalists of the last generation. READ REST OF ARTICLE

Philippines’ President Wages A Real War on Drugs
by Robert L. Hale
March 30
, 2017

MINOT, ND – Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the U.N. Human Rights Council, and various international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are up in arms at the assault by Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte, against drug dealers and criminals in his country. READ REST OF ARTICLE

Let's Make Russia Our Sister Country
by Ann Coulter
March 23
, 2017

Ann Coulter The more hysterical liberals become about Russia, the more your antennae should go up.

Their selective misgivings with Russia are just like their selective alarm with (our ally) Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the nationalist Chinese government, and (our ally) Ngo Dinh Diem, president of South Vietnam. READ REST OF ARTICLE

Violent Attack on Free Speech at Middlebury College
by Allan Brownfeld
March 16
, 2017

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – Attacks on free speech, particularly on the nation's college and university campuses, seem to be mounting. 

In early March, hundreds of students at Middlebury College in Vermont shouted down Charles Murray, the widely read and controversial social scientist.

When Dr. Murray rose to speak, he was shouted down by most of the more than 400 students who packed into the room. They chanted, “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away.” READ REST OF ARTICLE

Sober Wisdom in Sobran’s Subtracting Christianity
by Yvonne Lorenzo
March 7
, 2017

Joe Sobran Special from – Perhaps Fox TV viewers and readers of his bestselling books think that Bill O’Reilly is a Renaissance Man. However, there is a far more intelligent and profound voice we can all listen to that thanks to Lew Rockwell I discovered; that voice belongs to Joseph Sobran. READ MORE

Two Classic Sobran Articles: Pensées, and Lincoln and His Legacy

Publisher’s Note: To commemorate the 71st anniversary of Joe Sobran’s birth on February 23, we are pleased to provide a link to his classic essay, Pensées: Notes for the Reactionary of Tomorrow, and the below article.

Lincoln and His Legacy
by Joe Sobran
February 22
, 2017

Joe Sobran CLASSIC, 2/19/2008 -- At this point it is probably futile to try to reverse the deification of Abraham Lincoln. Next year, if I know my countrymen, the bicentennial of his birth will be marked by stupendously cloying anniversary observances, all of them affirming, if not his literal divinity, at least something mighty close to it. READ REST OF ARTICLE

Trump's Travel Ban
by Patrick J. Buchanan
February 3
, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – That hysterical reaction to the travel ban announced Friday is a portent of what is to come if President Donald Trump carries out the mandate given to him by those who elected him.

The travel ban bars refugees for 120 days. From Syria, refugees are banned indefinitely. And a 90-day ban has been imposed on travel here from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

Was that weekend-long primal scream really justified? READ MORE

Trump's Inaugural: America for Americans!
by Patrick J. Buchanan
January 27
, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As the patriotic pageantry of Inauguration Day gave way to the demonstrations of defiance Saturday, our new America came into view. We are two nations now, two peoples.

Though bracing, President Trump's inaugural address was rooted in cold truths, as he dispensed with the customary idealism of inaugurals that are forgotten within a fortnight of the president being sworn in.

Trump's inaugural was Jacksonian. READ MORE

Sacraments and Sodomy
by Joe Sobran
January 18
, 2017

Joe Sobran SOBRAN'S, DECEMBER 2003 -- Andrew Sullivan has established himself as the most eloquent voice of “gay” Catholics in the American media. He recently wrote a piece on the op-ed page of the New York Times to bewail what he chooses to call the Church’s “hostility” to homosexuals.

Love and Marriage
by Joe Sobran
January 12
, 2017

Joe Sobran CLASSIC from The Wanderer, December 19, 1996 We are hearing an unusual amount of nonsense about same-sex marriage these days, thanks to that Hawaiian judge. The best way to get to the heart of the problem may be to examine a typical sample of the nonsense.

Black Economist Thomas Sowell -- Champion of A Color-Blind Society
by Allan Brownfeld
January 06
, 2017

Sowell Thomas Thomas Sowell, one of America's foremost public intellectuals and most outspoken black conservatives, submitted his final column in December after 25 years in syndication. At age 86, he said, he thought that the time had come to retire from this enterprise. Hopefully, his other literary pursuits will continue.

For more than 50 years, Sowell has published books and journals on race, economics, and government policy. READ REST OF ARTICLE

The Man They Still Hate
by Joe Sobran
December 30
, 2016

CLASSIC, December 2, 1999 -- The world has long since forgiven Julius Caesar. Nobody today finds Socrates or Cicero irritating. Few of us resent Alexander the Great or his tutor, Aristotle.
No, only one man in the ancient world is still hated after two millennia: Jesus Christ.

Resisting Jesus
by Joe Sobran
December 22
, 2016

Joe Sobran CLASSIC, 12/23/2004 -- As always in our time, Christmas is provoking dissent from people who don’t want Christian symbols on public property or Christmas carols sung in public schools.

Many Christians find this annoying and churlish. Some even feel that Christianity is being persecuted.


A Joe Sobran Christmas
by Christopher Manion
December 15
, 2016

Joe Sobran FRONT ROYAL, VA – -- When Al Matt asked me some ten years ago to take over Joe Sobran’s column in The Wanderer, I made it clear that, while I’d be honored to have my column appear in the same space, there was no way I could pretend to replace Joe Sobran. No one could replace Joe Sobran. And now you won’t have to: You can have the original in time to celebrate Christmas…


Eccentric Catholicism
by Joe Sobran
December 8
, 2016

Mary CLASSIC, May 29, 2009 -- Next to the peerless Tom Wolfe, perhaps the most brilliantly gifted living American writer is Garry Wills. Immensely learned and versatile, Wills has written award-winning books on many subjects, from Macbeth to the Gettysburg Address. Some of these suffer from a bit of illogic, though they are largely redeemed by his stylish and scholarly prose.


What Should America Do with Hillary Clinton?
by by Charles G. Mills
December 2
, 2016

GLEN COVE, NY – 12/2/16 -- The idea of Hillary Clinton on the chain gang or rock pile is attractive, but it is not good policy. We do not need to create a myth of the martyred Hillary Clinton.
One thing is certain and should have near unanimous approval. Hillary Clinton must not be allowed to practice law.


Hating Mother Teresa
by Joe Sobran
November 24
, 2016

Mother Teresa CLASSIC, October 1997 -- I’ve always resisted calling Mother Teresa a saint, not because I had any reason to doubt her holiness, but because I felt it was presumptuous to call any living person a saint. Besides, I suspect that a truly holy person -- holiness being inseparable from humility -- would hate being venerated in this life.


The Trump Doctrine: America First
by Patrick J. Buchanan
November 17
, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- However Donald Trump came upon the foreign policy views he espoused, they were as crucial to his election as his views on trade and the border.
Yet those views are hemlock to the GOP foreign policy elite and the liberal Democratic interventionists of the Acela Corridor. Read More

Boldly Enact Campaign Promises: Memo to Trump
by Patrick J. Buchanan
November 11
, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "In victory, magnanimity!" said Winston Churchill.
Donald Trump should be magnanimous and gracious toward those whom he defeated this week, but his first duty is to keep faith with those who put their faith in him.
The protests, riots and violence that have attended his triumph in city after city should only serve to steel his resolve. Read More

News Conference Announcing second edition of Joe Sobran’s Hustler: The Clinton Legacy:

November 4
, 2016

Sen. Dick Black Decries Potential “Co-Presidency” of Clintons

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Richard Black of Virginia said at a news conference in Washington that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, that our country will “enter the age of Caligua, an age of debauchery and murder, of war, and of stunning financial corruption.” Sen. Black made his remarks during a press conference at the National Press Club announcing the newly-published edition of Hustler: The Clinton Legacy by Joseph Sobran.
Watch Sen. Black’s speech at the news conference on YouTube Read More

Billary: Two for the Price of One -- A Look at the Legacy of the Clintons
by Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas
October 31
, 2016

A review of Hustler: The Clinton Legacy, a collection of essays by Joseph Sobran

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy Special from, October 31, 2016 -- Twice in six months I find myself reviewing works by my dear old friend Joe Sobran. This time around, the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation has treated us to an anthology of Joe’s essays on Bill Clinton during his two terms in the White House. What strikes the reader immediately is the incisive analysis: Joe cuts to the chase; while being spot-on, he never descends into boorishness or uncivilized prose, which he would have deemed unworthy of a Christian gentleman. Read More

Our Debt to Paula Jones
by Joe Sobran
October 28
, 2016

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy

CLASSIC: January 22, 1998 — Suddenly nobody is questioning Paula Jones's veracity anymore. Mrs. Jones told a simple story and has stuck with it, while the president has shifted ground, equivocated with his patented "carefully worded denials," and let his thuggish, blundering, and very expensive lawyer handle public relations.
Read More

Why Socialism is Still Popular
by Jon Basil Utley
September 30
, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Why is socialism still so popular? A superb conference at Cato recently addressed the issue with new insights and reasoning. Socialism should be discredited in this age of incredible abundance and progress: hunger has declined from 30 percent of the world's population to some 10 percent, yet with billions more mouths to feed.

Read More

The Defection of David Brock
by Joe Sobran
September 22
, 2016

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy

CLASSIC: March 10, 1998 — David Brock has become the first journalist to confess his participation in the vast right-wing conspiracy to get President Clinton. Actually, he confessed it last year, but nobody was listening.
Read More

Phyllis Schlafly: An Anti-War Conservative who Supported Goldwater, Reagan, and Trump
by Jon Basil Utley
September 7
, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Phyllis Schlafly was a giant of the conservative movement. And she opposed America's recent wars. An early fighter, who started up with opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution, died at 92 years old.
Read More

The Times are Out of Joint
A review of Subtracting Christianity: Essays on American Culture and Society,
a collection of essays by the late Joseph Sobran
by Robert Royal
August 29
, 2016

Subtracting Christianity Special from The Catholic Thing — Two quite intelligent women came by independent of one another this week, one an accomplished hospital nurse who specialized in exotic diseases, the other a longtime educational specialist with wide artistic interests. Very different personalities, but eerily alike in expressing, without provocation, their deep distress at "not understanding anything" anymore. Not understanding America or the president, the Church or the pope, the world and its seeming descent into a cultural wasteland and social chaos.
Read More

Two Cheers for Theocracy
by Joe Sobran
August 25
, 2016

SOBRAN'S THE REAL NEWS OF THE MONTH, February 1999 — I grew up in a theocracy. I didn’t realize it as a boy; in fact I never heard it described that way. The only reason I now know it was a theocracy is that people who want to restore the America of the Fifties — anti-abortion Catholics, the “Christian Right” — are accused of wanting to establish a theocracy.
Read More

The Wit and Wisdom of a “Most Gloriously Judgmental” Man
A review of Subtracting Christianity: Essays on American Culture and Society,
a collection of essays by the late Joseph Sobran
by Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas
August 17
, 2016

Subtracting Christianity
Special from The Catholic World Report — In 1980, as a priest not yet thirty years of age, I found myself placed in charge of developing local chapters of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights on the entire eastern seaboard. Those were heady days with Pope John Paul II truly coming into his own and determined to correct course for the Catholic Church and President Ronald Reagan seeking to do the same for the United States and, by extension, for the world.
Read More

Clinton's Gut Issue
by Joe Sobran
August 11
, 2016

CLASSIC: November 18, 1997 — There is no popular demand for war with Iraq or anyone else, and President Clinton knows it. The pressure for war is coming from the usual quarters: those who, for various reasons, want the United States to dominate the Middle East.
Read More

by Joe Sobran
August 4
, 2016

CLASSIC: April 8, 1999 — As he ordered the bombing of Kosovo, Bill Clinton assured the nation that he has been “reading up on the history of that area.” That’s a load off! The great war-time presidents have always realized that before you bomb a country, you should read up on it.
Read More

The Flying Clintons
by Joe Sobran
July 27
, 2016

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy
CLASSIC: July 1996 — I keep catching myself hoping that Bill Clinton will be reelected. It isn't just that Bob Dole richly deserves to lose; it's that mere electoral defeat would be an inadequate comeuppance for the Clintons. They are headed for their own Watergate, and it would be a pity to see the drama aborted. I'm only moderately vindictive: I want them hounded out of office, not hounded after they've already left.
Read More

The Selfless President
by Joe Sobran
July 21
, 2016

Ever the moral ham, Clinton continues to feign contrition, laying it
on a little thicker with each attempt. Every time he sheds his skin,
he wants us to believe he’s no longer a snake.

CLASSIC: January 21, 1996 — Bill Clinton is a New Democrat again. Having tarred the Republicans as extremists, he is filching their themes, thereby displaying one of his defining qualities: an utter incapacity for embarrassment.
Read More

Diane Speaks His Piece
by Joe Sobran
July 13
, 2016

CLASSIC: October 19, 2004 — I have no idea who “Diane” is, but his e-mail message sounds angry with me. In fact, Diane says he is “deeply offended” by the “pure bigotry” of my column of September 21, “Equality Run Amok,” which he finds “demeaning.”

You may think Diane is an odd name for a guy, but that’s Diane’s point. He claims to be a woman, “simply a woman,” and identifies himself, in case you haven’t already guessed, as a “transsexual.”
Read More

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Hustler: The Clinton Legacy

Hustler: The Clinton Legacy,
Joe Sobran’s book on Bill and Hillary’s years in the White House is now available! A new edition of this 2000 book has just been published by FGF Books.
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