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February 26, 2015
Part Two of Joe Sobran’s classic essay, For Fear of the Jews

February 23, 2015
Part One of Joe Sobran’s classic essay, For Fear of the Jews

February 20, 2015
Sam Francis pondered: So What If Thurmond (Or Goldwater) Had Been Elected?

February 13, 2015
Allan Brownfeld writes on Hollywood Traitors: Screenwriters Promoted Both Stalin and Hitler as World War II Approached

February 6, 2015
Charles Mills decries the latest federal land grab in Liberals Declare Economic War on Alaska

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January 29, 2015
Charles Mills examines the mission of the country's oldest federal law enforcement agency in The Secret Service

January 23, 2015
Charles Mills looks at disastrous policies that have caused irreparable damage in Cuba, Iran, and Syria in Unintended Consequences

January 21, 2015
Pro-choice advocates speak in evasive, vague euphemisms rather than describe what happens in an abortion. See Joe Sobran's The Missing Word

January 13, 2015
Allan Brownfeld examines Political Correctness: The Major Threat To Free Speech in American Society

January 9, 2015
Joe Sobran writes that usurpation of judicial power have been stymied by the impeachment of Earl Warren in Brown Reconsidered

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“For Fear of the Jews”
(Part Two)

by Joe Sobran
February 26
, 2015

Publisher’s Note: Below is the second part of Joe Sobran’s infamous essay, For Fear of the Jews. If you missed part one, you can read it here.

[CLASSIC, August 2002] — The strength of Western law has always been its insistence on definition. When we want to minimize an offense, say murder or burglary, we define it as clearly as possible. We want judge and jury to know exactly what the charge means, not only to convict the guilty but, also, just as important, to protect the innocent.
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“For Fear of the Jews”
(Part One)

by Joe Sobran
February 23
, 2015

Publisher’s Note: To commemorate the 69th anniversary of Joe Sobran’s birth today, we are publishing one of his most famous essays. Below is part one of two parts.



[CLASSIC, August 2002] — The news that I would be addressing the Institute of Historical Review came to some people as ... well, news. It was mentioned in the Jewish newspaper Forward and on the Zionist Wall Street Journal Online.
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So What If Thurmond (Or Goldwater)
Had Been Elected? 

A classic by Sam Francis
February 20
, 2015

[CLASSIC, 12/12/2002] — For one brief shining moment, it was beginning to look like Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott was taking hormone shots.
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Sam Francis

Hollywood Traitors: Screenwriters Promoted Both Stalin and Hilter as Wordl War II Approached
by Allan C. Brownfeld
February 13
, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA — For many years, we have been told that Congressional investigations of subversion in Hollywood in the years leading up to World War II, during the war, and in the early years of the Cold War, represented an assault upon civil liberties and freedom of speech — as did the resulting blacklist of writers who refused to answer questions posed by the House Un-American Activities Committee.
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Hollywood Traitors:
Blacklisted Screenwriters:
Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hitler

by Allan H. Ryskind

Liberals Declare Economic War on Alaska 
by Charles G. Mills
February 6
, 2015

GLEN COVE, NY  — Liberals act as if they hate Alaska. They do not really hate Alaska; it is simply that the state is far away, and liberals can implement their insane plans there and not have to see firsthand the evil they have wrought.
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Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has come under heat for protesting the federal land grab in Alaska

The Secret Service 
by Charles G. Mills
January 29
, 2015

GLEN COVE, NY  — The Secret Service is in the process of an intensive review. What is needed is a comprehensive refinement of the mission and a complete reorganization.
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Unintended Consequences 
by Charles G. Mills
January 23
, 2015

GLEN COVE, NY  — The worst consequences of bad decisions are usually unintended. Some of the worst unintended consequences in history were caused by the peace conditions imposed by the winners of the two World Wars. More recently, we have witnessed the disastrous decisions made in connection with U.S. policies in Cuba, Iran, and Syria.
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The Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran

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