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February 4, 2015
Our rulers are not rational, let alone impartial and benevolent, says Joe Sobran in a classic column Free Will and Freedom

January 29, 2015
Pat Buchanan says that FGF columnist Sam Francis was right. See Sam Francis Predicted a Trump-like Populism

January 22, 2015
Joe Sobran discusses the taboo on calling abortion what it really is in None Dare Call It “Killing”

January 14, 2015
Joe Sobran compares the pro-abortion movement to the pro-war movement in War and Moral Novelty

January 7, 2015
Joe Sobran examines St. Paul’s admonition to obey our rulers in The Powers That Be

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December 30, 2015
Charles G. Mills decries the hysterical hatred of the South, l150 years after the war, in Good Winners and Bad Winners

December 24, 2015
Allan Brownfeld reflects on the true spirit of Christmas in Christmas 2015: A Time for the Introspection Our Society Desperately Needs

December 18, 2015
Professor Walter Williams laments U.S. educational achievement in Education Disaster

December 10, 2015
Joe Sobran explains his admiration for the English man of letters in Our Chesterton

December 3, 2015
Joe Sobran examines what happens when God is removed from the culture in Subtracting Christianity

November 30, 2015
Allan Brownfeld examines Income Inequality: An Emerging Issue Once Addressed By The Founding Fathers

November 24, 2015
Jon Utley reviews Martin Van Creveld's new book in From Sun Tzu to Fourth Generation Warfare

November 19, 2015
Allan Brownfeld thinks that Conservatives Have Forgotten What They Want To Conserve

November 13, 2015
Thomas DiLorenzo presents A Warmonger's Guide to Militarism and Imperialism (under the Guise of "Constitutionalism")

November 4, 2015
Joe Sobran says that unless you believe that man has an immortal soul,there are limits to how deeply you can believe in human dignity. See: Do We Have Souls?

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Our mission is to research and study, and inform and educate leaders and the public regarding the need to preserve the underpinnings of Western Civilization, including, but not limited to science, religion, education, art, music, literature, journalism, poetry, the English language, the Latin language, and law. 
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Free Will and Freedom
a classic by Joe Sobran
February 4
, 2016

[Classic: June 2003] — In one of his typically incisive essays in Freedom Daily, Sheldon Richman examines some fashionable arguments that human beings can’t help what they do.
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Sam Francis Predicted a Trump-like Populism
by Patrick J. Buchanan
January 29
, 2016

Over the past week, Rush Limbaugh dissected the advice that Samuel Francis gave to Pat Buchanan in 1996 and Sam's perceptive forecasting that a populist candidate — such as we see in Donald Trump — would emerge on the political scene. Below is an article by Pat Buchanan discussing this issue.

WASHINGTON, D.C. —The lights are burning late in Davos tonight.

At the World Economic Forum, keynoter Joe Biden warned global elites that the unraveling of the middle class in America and Europe has provided "fertile terrain for reactionary politicians, demagogues peddling xenophobia, anti-immigration, nationalist, isolationist views."
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To commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, we offer this classic article by Joe Sobran.

None Dare Call It “Killing”
a classic by Joe Sobran
January 22
, 2016

[Classic: 1/25/2001] — Our new president has angered feminists, liberal editorialists, “civil libertarians,” and other abortion advocates by cutting off federal aid to groups that promote abortion abroad. The Washington Post says his act was not “bipartisan,” but “divisive,” with “ugly” consequences.
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War and Moral Novelty
a classic by Joe Sobran
January 14
, 2016

[Classic: April 2003] — The pro-war movement reminds me of the pro-abortion movement. It isn’t just that both favor killing, important as that is; it’s that both are informed by fanatical moral arrogance.
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The Powers That Be
a classic by Joe Sobran
January 7
, 2016

[Classic: 1/10/2002] — My most recent column, questioning the authority of the state, has gotten negative reaction from people I usually agree with: my fellow Christians.
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Good Winners and Bad Winners
by Charles G. Mills
December 30
, 2015

GLEN COVE, NY — Christian morality requires that the victors in war show mercy to the losers. Mercy is a form of charity, the greatest of the virtues.
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Christmas 2015: A Time For The Introspection Our Society Desperately Needs
by Allan C. Brownfeld
December 24
, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Christmas approaches at a time of increasing turmoil in the world and in our own society. The hope, once widespread, that with the end of the Cold War, we would embark upon an era of peace and tranquility, has long since been proven to be wrong.
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Education Disaster
by guest Walter Williams
December 18
, 2015

[LewRockwell.com] — The 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress report, also known as The Nation’s Report Card, shows that U.S. educational achievement, to put it nicely, leaves much to be desired.
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Our Chesterton
by Joe Sobran
December 10
, 2015

[Classic: 2/19/2002] — In 1961 a young writer named Garry Wills published his first book, an excellent study of the works of G.K. Chesterton. It was soon out of print and hard to find. I luckily came across it in a used book store. Now, I am happy to say, it has finally been reissued in paperback.

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Subtracting Christianity
by Joe Sobran
December 3
, 2015

[Classic: 5/13/1999] — The Littleton murders are still provoking “solutions” for the problem of youths who choose to shoot their classmates. The usual method of these “solutions” is to imagine how this particular horror could have been prevented, and then to generalize the answer into some sort of national law or social program. More gun control, better counseling, spotting “early warning signals,” and so forth.
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Income Inequality: An Emerging Issue Once Addressed By The Founding Fathers
by Allan C. Brownfeld
November 30
, 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA — We have been hearing a great deal about income inequality in recent days, particularly from Sen. Bernie Sanders. Part of this interest is fueled by many examples of excess at the top. 
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