December 31, 2014
Sam Francis discusses how the left views the right in Narrow-Minded Left Claims Monopoly On Moral Legitimacy

December 30, 2014
Joe Sobran talks about his Baptism, and the influence of movies on his conversion in Hollywood, Old and New 

December 23, 2014
Sam Francis takes issue with E. J. Dionne, Jr. of the Washington Post on “Happy Holidays” in a classic column, Christmas and the National Question

December 22, 2014
Joe Sobran looks at the impact of the negative witnesses to Christmas and Christ
in Resisting Jesus

December 19, 2014
John F. McManus explores the real meaning of the season
in The Great Gift of Christmas

December 18, 2014
Rev. Mark Pilon takes issue with a report
of the National Bishop’s Committee on Migration in Bishops Praise the President’s Executive Decree Bypassing Congress

December 12, 2014
The GOP Speaker has turned his back on the voters
according to Christopher Manion in Boehner’s Haunted House

December 11, 2014
Charles Mills examines one of the few remaining liberties
that dates back to the Magna Carta in The Grand Jury

December 10, 2014
Sen. Dick Black questions why the U.S. would want to attack a neutral nation in War against Syria Is Immoral and Unlawful

December 2, 2014
The U.N. has been in charge of the multi-nation effort against the Taliban since December 2001. See John McManus’ Thoughts on the Afghanistan War

November 21, 2014
Does President Obama have the authority
to engage us war? See Going To War Without Congress: Is It Legal? And Why Doesn't Congress Seem To Mind?

November 15, 2014
Joe Sobran looks at the desire for our leaders to impose democracy
on other countries in Making the World Democratic

November 8, 2014
Herbert Stupp reviews a new book
on the philosophy of the conservative movement in America. See Big Tent: A Book Review

November 7, 2014
Charles Mills reviews a book
written to counter Cardinal Kasper’s views on divorce and remarriage. See Remaining in the Truth of Christ: A Book Review

October 30, 2014
Craig Turner looks at the ramifications of Brittany Maynard's announced suicide
in Brittany Maynard's Tragic Choice

October 29, 2014
Christopher Manion chronicles the triumph of progressives and lovers of chaos
in Spain after Franco in Progress, Perversion, and Power

October 25, 2014
Ralph Raico looks at the life of Professor Liggio in The Catholic Leonard

October 24, 2014
Joe Sobran examines the loss of our civil rights and freedoms in Shrinking Our Rights

October 17, 2014
Allan Brownfeld finds One Congressional Achievement: Legalizing What Used To Be Viewed As Corruption

October 10, 2014
Joe Sobran looks at the term, “right-wing,” in a classic 1998 column, Left and Right

October 8, 2014
Allan Brownfeld expounds on the fact that we are Heading Toward a War in the Mideast That We Can Ill Afford: Without An Apparent Strategy or Congressional Authorization

October 2, 2014
The lynch mob mentality is still with us today. See Charles Mills' Lynch Mobs

October 1, 2014
John McManus looks at the misuse of war powers in Obama Claims Congress Approved War Against ISIS – in 2001

September 26, 2014
There’s no divorce from the welfare state. See Joe Sobran’s Calling All Grown Ups

September 24, 2014
Pastor Chuck Baldwins asks: Who Killed Joan Rivers?

September 17, 2014
Robert Hale chronicles the failure of our schools
in America's Greatest Enemy: Public Education

September 12, 2014
The purpose of religion is to be out of step with the world according to Joe Sobran in Popes and Polls

September 8, 2014
Delegate Bob Marshall on Why Openly “Gay” Groups Should Not Be Allowed to March in New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

September 2, 2014
Robert Hale examines the deep religious root of the hatred and violence
in the Middle East in There Is No Other Answer

August 27, 2014
Joe Sobran looks at the “progressive” rebellion against virtue in Dark Ages, New Morality

August 26, 2014
Robert Hale addresses The Real Lesson of Ferguson, Missouri

August 19, 2014
Christopher Manion looks at political events occurring in the summers of 1914, 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, and 2004 in The August Avalanche

August 18, 2014
Allan Brownfeld looks at the real causes of the racial disparities in Tragic Incident in Missouri Does Not Demonstrate That America is a “Racist” Society

August 13, 2014
Christopher Manion wants us to focus on the real refugees – the Iraqi Christians who face the threat of death daily. See A Plea to America’s Bishops

August 11, 2014
Christopher Manion examines what’s behind the influx of the Hispanic kids coming over the border in The Unholy Alliance

August 7, 2014
This is the 20th anniversary of the passing of a great man, Phil Nicolaides.
See Joe Sobran's tribute to him at Good Night, Sweet Prince

August 5, 2014
Herbert Stupp ask us to Imagine No City Income Tax

August 1, 2014
Allan Brownfeld poses the question: Is It Too Much To Ask The President to Faithfully Execute the Laws?

July 29, 2014
Joe Sobran examines the modern meanings of “tolerance,” “extremism,” “bigotry,” and “hate” in Who’s Self-Righteous?

July 25, 2014
Charles Mills is not surprised that Bowe Bergdahl became a Muslim. See From Calvinism to Islam

July 21, 2014
Toronto-based Mark Wegierski looks at the Canadian politics and history in In search of true federalism in Canada: Old Canada, New Canada, and Canada Three

July 16, 2014
Allan Brownfeld takes A New Look At The Declaration of Independence

July 15, 2014
John McManus chronicles the government’s intervention in education in Common Core: Increasing the Dumbing Down of America’s Children

July 10, 2014
Charles Mills discusses a framework for a civilized Arab world in Iraq: What To Do Now

July 8, 2014
100 patriots in the bureaucracy could save America, says Christopher Manion in The Bureaucrat Liberation Army

July 3, 2014
Allan Brownfeld demonstrates that The Continuing Growth of Executive Power Is a Threat to Representative Government

June 27, 2014
The recent murder of a young priest in Arizona is the subject of Charles Mills' column Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP, RIP

June 25, 2014
Christopher Manion reflects on “Who lost Iraq?” and the Red Team –Blue Team farce in Frivolity and Fantasy

June 19, 2014
Charles Mills looks at the demise of General Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs in Hubris, Hamartia, and Nemesis in the
Shinseki Tragedy

June 18, 2014
Christopher Manion looks at the defeat of Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor in The Party, The Plunderers, and the People

June 11, 2014
What did Cardinal O’Malley really say at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast? See Robert Hale's U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as Dysfunctional as U.S. Congress

June 4, 2014
Christopher Manion asks why welfare recipients don't thank the taxpayers in Gratitude, Government, and Gall

June 2, 2014
The priest that sparked the Solidarity movement in Poland is the subject of a new film. See Anita Crane's Messenger of the Truth on PBS

May 30, 2014
American Legion Judge Advocate, Charles Mills looks at Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs

May 28, 2014
Christopher Manion discusses social justice, truth, and caritas in Catholics, Capitalists, and Cronies

May 22, 2014
Christopher Manion reviews Robert Reilly’s new book, Making Gay Okay in Perversion’s Progress

May 20, 2014
Charles Mills looks at Veterans Affairs in The Department of Delay, Deceit, and Dumb Disorder

May 16, 2014
Indecisive wars kill several times as many soldiers as decisive ones says Charles Mills in The Gods of the Copybook Headings Return

May 12, 2014
Christopher Manion discusses a GOP attack on Rand Paul, the U.N. Committee Against Torture, and the upcoming Synod on the Family in The GOP’s Liberty Problem

May 9, 2014
Allan Brownfeld reviews the decision on Town of Greece, New York v. Galloway in Supreme Court Decision Reaffirms Religion’s Role in American Life

May 9, 2014
The mortal sin of L.A. Clippers¹ owner, Don Sterling is discussed by Robert Hale in The Insanity of It All

May 7, 2014
Christopher Manion discusses Catholics, War, and Unintended Consequences

May 6, 2014
Allan Brownfeld discusses the 60th anniversary of the publication of Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind.

May 1, 2014
Christopher Manion considers “strong-armed enforcers intent on relentlessly punishing anyone who dares ‘trigger’ their outrage.” See The Persecution Complex

April 23, 2014
Old School Friends

April 16, 2014
Christopher Manion asks: Is College Football a Cash Cow or a White Elephant?

April 10, 2014
John McManus makes the case for withdrawing from NATO in NATO, A Subsidiary of the United Nations

April 9, 2014
Would Romney have started a war in Syria; or McCain a war with Russia? See Christopher Manion's What Would Republicans Do?

April 2, 2014
Charles Mills worries about international regulation of the World Wide Web in Hate Speech and the Internet

March 31, 2014
Christopher Manion looks at the lure of "free federal money" in Is Education A Social Issue?

March 27, 2014
The Harper era in Canada has few conservative achievements. See Mark Wegierski's Harper could have helped Social Conservatives in Canada without Touching Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage

March 24, 2014
Christopher Manion discusses the taboo of mentioning non-working men, and forced abortions in China in Race Hustlers Target Paul Ryan & Michelle's Forbidden Questions

March 21, 2014
Robert Hale looks at the campaign to have politically-correct sports teams' names in Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, but Names…

March 20, 2014
Christopher Manion questions whether the U.S. really supports democracy abroad in Spring Cleaning

March 12, 2014
Christopher Manion examines the pervasiveness of Big Brother in America in The Leviathan Goes Rogue

March 11, 2014
Allan Brownfeld looks at the complexity of the bill-making process in Congress in Do Members Of Congress Read The Bills They Pass?

March 7, 2014
John McManus makes a compelling case to bring the troops home now in Leaving Afghanistan – Why Wait Until the End of the Year?

March 4, 2014
Christopher Manion's plan to save the Republic is outlined in The Prophet, the President, and the Pope

February 27, 2014
Charles Mills gives looks at U.S. relationships around the world in A  Foreign Policy in Shambles

February 26, 2014
Christopher Manion ponders the continuance of the American war in corrupt Afghanistan in Whistling Past the Graveyard of Empires

February 23, 2014
Joe Sobran posed the question, "Can a human life be too trivial to protect?" in On Imposing One's Views

February 20, 2014
Robert Reilly's new monograph on the possibilities of Catholic-Muslim dialogue is the subject of Christopher Manion's column, Landmines in the Path of Dialogue

February 13, 2014
Christopher Manion explains why the U.N. and Obama Administration must attack the Catholic Church in Get US Out!

February 8, 2014
Charles Mills examines the civilizing role of colonies in Colonialism's Demise Has Brought Barbarism and Persecution Worldwide

February 5, 2014
Christopher Manion looks at the recent pop culture magazine cover story featuring Pope Francis in IL Papa's Not a Rollin' Stone

January 30, 2014
Charles Mills writes about Obama's snubbing of the last living hero of the Cold War in Lech Walesa

January 27, 2014
Christopher Manion says that "it can happen here." See Lessons in Tyranny

January 21, 2014
As pro-lifers participate in the 41st March for Life, Christopher Manion asks How Many Holocausts?

January 20, 2014
Craig Turner examines the arguments of abortion advocates in The Logic of Life

January 16, 2014
Christopher Manion points out how neocons and liberals are united in their attacks on the Tea Party in Defining Conservatism Down

January 8, 2014
John McManus looks at the origins of the U.N. and its role in every war since 1950 in The United Nations: How the U.S. Entered, and Why the U.S. Should Leave

January 8, 2014
Christopher Manion explains that the sheep will not be separated from goats until the Last Judgment in Why Can't We Just Leave?

January 7, 2014
Russia, once under control of atheists, is now more moral than the U.S. See Charles Mills' Christians and Degenerates

January 2, 2014
Joe Sobran looks at Martin Luther, Lincoln, and the "austere joy in facing the past as it really was" in History and Miss Couric

December 31, 2013
Bishops must revive and preach the Church's teaching on marriage and the family that they have ignored for so long. See Christopher Manion's Father Time

December 27, 2013
Christopher Manion wonders why Catholic prelates did not respond to the Duck Dynasty controversys in Cardinals, Ducks, and Quacks

December 24, 2013
Jack McManus looks at Christ's present to us in The Great Gift of Christmas

December 20, 2013
Christopher Manion has some last-minute suggestions for Christmas gifts in Stocking Stuffers

December 18, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at Cardinal Timothy Dolan's legacy as he finishes his term as president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Cheering for the Wrong Team

December 12, 2013
An Unexpected Guest gives us His ideas for Christmas gifts. See Jesus' Christmas List

December 12, 2013
Thousands of nuns will cease their charitable care for the elderly rather than violate their faith. See Charles Mills' The Little Sisters of the Poor

December 11, 2013
Despite neoconservative claims, the President has never concealed his views. See Paul Gottfried's Obama's Leftist Ideology: An Open Book

December 5, 2013
Christopher Manion comments on Rush Limbaugh's criticism of Pope Francis in Rush To Judgment

December 4, 2013
Robert Hale sees a parallel between the Hunger Games movie and the direction of our nation. See The Obama Games.

December 2, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at progressivism and true Christian charity in Hope in the Rearview Mirror

November 21, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the issues of abortion, racism, and amnesty for illegals in The Selective Indignation of the Moralistic Left

November 20, 2013
Our nation is more divided than ever under President Obama. See Robert Hale's Our Community Organizer-in-Chief
Is At It Again

November 14, 2013
Persecution of Christians has been ignored or underreported. See Allan Brownfeld's Christianity Is Under Attack in the Middle East — and Few in the West Seem To Care

November 13, 2013
Christopher Manion discusses Hillary Clinton's highest priority — abortion — and her pursuit of power in Dynasty — The Rerun

November 6, 2013
Christopher Manion coins a new word, veraphobes, people who fear, avoid, and hate the truth. See Hail to the Dictators!

November 5, 2013
63 percent of Americans work to support the 37 percent who don't. See Robert Hale's The Politics of Poverty

October 30, 2013
Christopher Manion examines the Catholic bishops' "laryngitis" on the Church's moral teaching in Hiccups in the Hierarchy

October 29, 2013
A once-great nation is now under the control of an unrestrained political class. See Robert Hale's Decline of America — A Brief History

October 25, 2013
Charles Mills takes issue with National Review for its recent cover story praising President Eisenhower in National Review Repudiates Its Heritage

October 24, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the condescending attitude of federal employee toward taxpayers in The Swagger Factor

October 18, 2013
Peter J. Thomas and Peter Ferrara ask Should Congressional Employees Be Exempt from Obamacare?

October 16, 2013
Future citizens may never read paper books. See Charles Mills' The End of Ink

October 15, 2013
Christopher Manion opines on Karl Marx, progressivism, envy, and love in Progress and Hatred of the Past

October 14, 2013
Robert Hale laments the drive to lower our quality of life See: Our Malthusian President

October 8, 2013
Charles Mills looks at reasons why China, Cuba, and Hungary were sold out to Communists in Two Generals and Two Books

October 8, 2013
Christopher Manion examines Newspeak, a pro-abortion judge nomination, and the cure to AIDS in Words, Words, Words!

October 8, 2013
Robert Hale sees the U.S. being led with distracting rhetoric, wishful thinking, and divisive tactics. See: Governed by a Community Organizer

October 1, 2013
Christopher Manion relates how his father was offered a seat on the Supreme Court in exchange for dropping his support of the Bricker Amendment in "No More Yaltas"

September 30, 2013
Charles Mills discusses whether the use poison gasses can justify a war in War and Peace

September 26, 2013
Herbert Stupp reviews Donald Devine's latest book in Reagan Advisor Proposed Plan to Restore America

September 25, 2013
Bob Hale asks: Why Not Shut Down the Government?

September 24, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the the abyss of ignorance into which Obama, Pelosi and Co. have plunged the country in Nancy's Blind Spot

September 23, 2013
Did prayer and fasting for peace on September 7 stop the war in Syria? See Charles Mills' Our Lady's Victory

September 20, 2013
Government officials must not deceive the citizenry. See Allan Brownfeld's When Government Lies to the People, the Fabric of Representative Democracy Itself Is the Victim

September 17, 2013
Christopher Manion discusses the push for war in Syria, and so-called American exceptionalism in "Incredibly Small"

September 16, 2013
Congressional staffers are often cut off from the real world. See Robert Hale's Brain Drain? — Comedy of the Absurd

September 12, 2013
Robert Schadler looks at chemicals that kill children in A Modest Proposal Before Bombing Syria

September 10, 2013
Allan Brownfeld looks at issues involving the declaration of war in Two Key Questions Concerning Syria: What Is To Be Done, and Who Is To Decide?

September 9, 2013
Christopher Manion discusses the Catholic bishops, clericalism, and amnesty for illegal aliens in Here We Go Again

September 5, 2013
Vladislav Krasnov compares the defection of Edward Snowden to that of Soviet defectors in To Defect or To Integrate? Edward Snowden's Dilemma

September 3, 2013
Allan Brownfeld outlines the 12-year metamorphosis of a prominent Christian columnist in The State of Race Relations 50 Years After the March on Washington

September 1, 2013
Allan Brownfeld reflects on the progress made since Martin Luther King's "Dream" speech in Cal Thomas's Learning Curve

More information on columns

August 29, 2013
Christopher Manion discusses government intrusion into education in Big Brother Makes It Personal

August 23, 2013
Charles Mills looks at the least frenzied season of the year in Summer Sundays

August 22, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the legacy of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
in A Bang and a Whimper

August 16, 2013
Was the Americanist heresy born in American history? See Charles Mills' Americanism, Yale, Catholics, and Protestants

August 15, 2013
Robert Hale looks at the presidential decisions affecting our standard of living,
our electricity, and our diets in Is Our President Turning America into a Second-World Nation?

August 14, 2013
Christopher Manion reviews two new books on Notre Dame University
in Two Views From The Golden Dome

August 7, 2013
Allan Brownfeld looks at the mismanagement of a major city
in Detroit's Bankruptcy Should Focus Attention on Unfunded Public Pensions Nationwide

August 6, 2013
Government agencies claim they "protect" us by keeping track of every action in our bank accounts.
See Robert Hale's Oh No! Not Another Conspiracy Theory

August 5, 2013
Christopher Manion examines the ramifications of domestic wiretapping,
eavesdropping, and outright theft of vast personal information for government use in Hit The Kill Switch

July 30, 2013
The Death of Trayvon Martin Has Unleashed
A Wave of Demogoguery That Must Be Answered
according to Allan Brownfeld.

July 29, 2013
Robert Hale outlines the various ways the government limits our freedoms in Abolishing Privacy and Securing Tyranny

July 25, 2013
Christopher Manion reflects on the 45th anniversary of the issuing of the encyclical, Humanae Vitae in Soma for the Sexually Comatose

July 23, 2013
Christopher Manion describes the grim and obsessive homosexual subculture in The Charitable Burden Of Truth

July 22, 2013
We now have neither freedom nor security in the U.S. See Robert Hale's America Has Become a Fool's Paradise

July 17, 2013
The very heart of America's character and purpose is being attacked. See Robert Hale's Obama — At War With America

July 16, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at Prop 8, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Zimmerman trial in Who Killed the Mockingbird?

July 15, 2013
Robert Hale examines the option to change your gender in To Make It So, Just Say It's So

July 9, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at Big Brother, modern day Thought Police, and the Catholic Church in Lapdogs of the Carnal Kennels

July 8, 2013
Charles Mills discusses mistakes in American foreign policy which led to the death of three priests in Syria

July 2, 2013
Charles Mills looks at the modern labor movement in The Origins of Solidarity in America

July 1, 2013
Herbert Stupp discusses Herb London's new book, The Transformational Decade in The Discarding of 3,000 Years of Tradition

June 28, 2013
Christopher Manion reviews Russell Shaw's new book, American Church,in The Gibbons Legacy

June 27, 2013
Charles Mills examines architecture in America in The Bauhaus Dollhouse

June 26, 2013
Robert Hale examines reasons for mental health problems in children in Policies Have Consequences

June 21, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the increasing power of the State in Authority And Its Discontents

June 20, 2013
Charles Mills discusses the new massive databases of our phone and Internet records in Government Spying

June 18, 2013
Are Americans capable of distinguishing truth from falsehood? See Christopher Manion's Doublethink, Dictators, and Data Dumps

June 17, 2013
The U.S. tax system is destroying a once-free people living in a free nation. See Robert Hale's If the Constitution Were a Computer Program...

June 12, 2013
Robert Hale discusses the natural consequences of men and women in closed quarters in the armed services in Sexual Assault: Scourge on the U.S. Military

June 11, 2013
Conservative ideas seem to be losing ground in Canada as all the parties rush to the center. See Mark Wegierski's Are Canadian Political Parties Bereft of Real Ideas?

June 10, 2013
Robert Hale compares the old melting pot principle with what we have now: immigrants who refuse to assimiliate in America's Destructive Love Affair with Multiculturalism

June 8, 2013
Christopher Manion discusses the decline in the principles of the Republican Party in Is There Hope For The GOP?

June 4, 2013
Charles Mills looks at medieval feuds in Italy, and true sportsmanship in our time in Rivalries

June 3, 2013
Disregarding immutable laws could lead to our country's demise. See Robert Hale's  Consequences of Ignoring Reality

May 31, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at "vulgar lust" as his alma mater in Notre Dame, Obama, And The Death of Dialogue

May 29, 2013
Charles Mills looks at the resolution allowing homosexual youth in the Boy Scouts. See Inside the Boy Scouts

May 28, 2013
Many leaders — of both parties — do not adhere to the constitutional limits of the government,according to Robert Hale.  "Many Republicans Do Not Believe in Government"

May 24, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the left wing agenda of some Catholic Bishops in Is the Rule of Law Immoral, (Part III)?

May 22, 2013
In honor of Memorial Day, Charles Mills looks at the lives of two soldiers wounded in battle in Two Wars, Two Books

May 17, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the views of Catholic bishops and politicians on amnesty for illegal aliens in Is The Rule of Law Immoral (Part II)

May 15, 2013
R.J. Stove's reviews Joseph Sobran: The National Review Years in Smokin' Joe: Conservatism's Mozart

May 10, 2013
Christopher Manion looksat Catholic leaders' views on amnesty for illegal aliens in Is the Rule of Law Immoral?

May 6, 2013
Christopher Manion looks back 100 years to the marriage of America's Catholic bishops with the Democrat party in Happy Birthday, 1913!

May 4, 2013
Bob Hale examines the President's claim that he cut a trillion dollars in government spending in The Biggest Lie in American History?

May 4, 2013
Bob Hales examines the consequences of the government continuing to get us into debt in Why Does the Government Borrow Money?

April 24, 2013
Christopher Manion discusses the stellar career of a conservative leader and trail-blazer, in Howard Phillips, RIP

April 22, 2013
Christopher Manion compares our leaders to those in Goerge Orwell's classic book, 1984, in Outrage, Discontent, and Boredom

April 16, 2013
Charles Mills examines the justification and causes
of War

April 15, 2013
Robert Hale looks at some of the policies of our leaders
in Governed by Nincompoops

April 12, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the real meaning of Christian charity in The Cost Of Being Catholic

April 11, 2013
Robert Hale warns that our bank accounts may not be safe
in "What's Yours Is Ours" — The Government

April 2, 2013
Christopher Manion discusses America's Ruling Class, and Country Club Republicans
in The Old-Time Religion, Revised

April 1, 2013
Robert Hale examines the polarization of America
in "It's Not Your Country Anymore, It's Our Country…"

March 29, 2013
Christopher Manion discusses the Catholic Church's stands
on contraception, marriage and procreation in Should The Church Abandon Humanae Vitae?

March 26, 2013
David Coker discusses a brave 20th century theologian of the Nazi era
in Remembering Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Christian Scholar Killed by the Gestapo

March 25, 2013
Craig Turned gives an historical account of depraved practices
that were later banned by the Theodosian Code in Same-Sex "Marriage": The Roman Emperors

March 22, 2013
Charles Mills satirically considers
 If Lincoln Had Drones

March 21, 2013
Christopher Manion asks:
  Should Catholics Join The Military?

March 19, 2013
David Coker writes of the brutality in the Gulag and Ukraine
in Soviet History Teaches Us What Becomes of a Disarmed Population

March 16, 2013
Chris Manion looks at Rand Paul's remarkable filibuster
in The Return of the Conservative Conscience

March 11, 2013
Charles Mills traces the history of conservatives
in America starting from the 1960s in "Conservative" Republicans

March 7, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the the reign of Benedict XVI,
and the reluctance of American cardinals to address Humanae Vitae in Saint Benedict XVI?

March 5, 2013
David Coker looks at the strange phenomena of the meteorite and asteroid
in America Needs to Reach Out to the Stars

February 28, 2013
Christopher Manion takes a look at the new book by Harry Veryser,
"It Didn't Have to Be That Way" in Fireside Reading

February 27, 2013
Charles Mills details the history and development of the Catholic Mass
in Pope Benedict and the Liturgy

February 23, 2013
Joe Sobran reminisces about about 40th President
in Looking Back at Reagan

February 22, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at Pope Benedict's remarks on the media and the secular media's reaction to his resignation
in The Media Catholic Church

February 19, 2013
Allowing women to serve in combat is the subject of Charles Mills' column, Women Warriors

February 15, 2013
When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. See Robert Hale's "Stop Crime: The Government Doesn't Like Competition"

February 14, 2013
Some of the immeasurable contributions of Benedict XVI's reign as pope
are discussed by Christopher Manion in Benedict's Long View

February 8, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the beliefs and tactics of neo-conservatives
in Disasters, Defiance, and Definitions

February 6, 2013
Bob Hale looks at the threat to the citizenry by its own government
in Why the 2nd Amendment?

February 5, 2013
Christopher Manion reviews Bill's presidency and Hilliary's testimony
on the Benghazi debacle in The Clintons: Cause And Effect

January 27, 2013
Charles Mills examines the lack of conscience protections in Obamacare in Conscientious Objection, Part II

January 26, 2013
Christopher Manion examines Colin Powell's fame
in Hoaxes and Hokum

January 22, 2013
Charles Mills discusses cases and laws dealing with coercing conduct against ones' convictions
in Conscientious Objection, Part I

January 21, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the Hagel nomination
in light of the failed Bush policies in Nominations and Their Discontents

January 15, 2013
Allan Brownfeld looks at President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense
in The Neo-Conservative Assault on Chuck Hagel:  The Politics of Character Assassination

January 14, 2013
Christopher Manion looks at the troubled family life of Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza,
in The Benign Rendition Meets Reality

January 8, 2013
Climate Change — The End of Mankind As We Know It?

January 7, 2013
Chris Manion looks at the fiscal cliff deal,
hubris of our leaders, patriotism, and more in Cliff Notes

January 5, 2013
Allan Brownfeld examines the many Christian and Jewish voices who question
the billions of dollars being sent to Israel in Reconsidering the Massive U.S. Aid to Israel: Has it become an impediment to peace?

January 2, 2013
Chris Manion urges us to preach the Gospel, even the unpopular parts, and prepare for persecution
in The War We Are In

– December 27, 2012
Charles Mills discusses the reason why public schools are targets for madmen
in The Massacre Was Not at the Rod and Gun Club

– December 27, 2012
The challenges in starting a business in America today are explored
by Robert Hale in We're the Government, and We're Here To Help You…

– December 20, 2012
The Christ Child is our hope amidst persecution of the Church and the family.
See Christopher Manion's Can You See The Baby?

– December 19, 2012
Is raising taxes the only way to get our economy straightened out?
See Robert Hale's The Oracle of Omaha and the Secretary of the Treasury Speak…Should We Listen?

– December 17, 2012
Christopher Manion rummages through the rubble
in his year-end Ruminations Amidst The Ruins

– December 12, 2012
Robert Hale examines the pitfalls of the Affordable Care Act
in Taking Bitter Medicine

– December 11, 2012
Gary Potter recounts his experiences with Joe Sobran
in For Sobran Lovers (I’m One)

– December 10, 2012
Christopher Manion examines the anti-family agenda of Hillary and Michelle; and the career of truth-seeker Fr. James Schall, S.J.
in Les Faux Femmes

– December 5, 2012
Joe Sobran’s ideas on contraception are explored by Charles Mills
in Joe Sobran on Contraception

– December 4, 2012
Our shepherds have abandoned vital moral teaching for 50 years.
See Christopher Manion's A Time For Truth — Beyond Politics

– December 3, 2012
Allan Brownfeld reviews Joseph Sobran: The National Review Years
See A Look at Late 20th Century America from a Perceptive and Talented Observer

– November 28, 2012
Paul Gottfried draws a distinction between those holding politically-correct progressive views and those with so-called “unacceptable” views
in Thinking About Identity Politics

– November 27, 2012
Dr. Christopher Manion takes on the Washington Post over the Petraeus resignation
in Scandals and the Scandalous

– November 19, 2012
Allan Brownfeld discusses the attempt to ban cheerleaders’ banners in Does Free Speech End Where Religious Speech Begins?

– November 18, 2012
Dr. Christopher Manion,
The Coverup Kid

– November 14, 2012
Christopher Manion reviews Joseph Sobran, The National Review Years
in his last column published in The Wanderer newspaper. Joe’s Home Run

– November 14, 2012
Allan Brownfeld looks at the beginnings of our national holiday in Thanksgiving: A Time to Reflect on America’s Uniqueness

– November 9, 2012
Dr. Christopher Manion reflects on issues in the presidential campaign in After The Deluge

– November 5, 2012
Parents need to replace government agencies and unions in order to save our schools. See Bob Hale's The Case Against Public Education

– November 2, 2012
Christopher Manion's From Under the Rubble column looks at the bishops' criticisms of the Ryan Budget
in Will Chairman Ryan Go To Hell?

– November 1, 2012
Is it discriminatory or prejudicial to outlaw certain marital unions?
Craig Turner examines this issue in Homosexual Marriage: The Debate

– October 30, 2012
Allan Brownfeld looks at the dramatic changes in race relations in The 50th Anniversary of the Integrating of Ole Miss:  A Landmark Toward Improved Race Relations

– October 29, 2012
Christopher Manion's From Under the Rubble column contrasts the Christian and materialist views of the world in Progress, Progressives, and Perversion

– October 24, 2012
Attempts by Marxist to extinguish the Logos is discussed by FGF columnist, Christopher Manion in Change You Can Believe In

– October 23, 2012
Craig Turner looks at research of people who have been resuscitated after being clinically dead in Assisted Suicide and the Massachusetts Vote

– October 18, 2012
New FGF columnist, Christopher Manion, discusses Catholicism, the Catholic bishops, and the presidential campaigns in a column formerly published in The Wanderer newspaper. See Tough Times

– October 17, 2012
Bob Hale looks at the controversy over possible PBS cuts in Giving the Bird to Taxpayers

– October 9, 2012
Wes Vernon discusses the move to abolish the Electoral Collegeand the pitfalls of electronic voting in America's Last Free Election

– October 8, 2012
Paul Gottfried reviews Joseph Sobran: The National Review Yearsin The Late, Great Joe Sobran

– October 7, 2012
Economist Paul Craig Roberts analyzes the recent jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. See A Closer Look at the So-Called Drop in Unemployment

– October 6, 2012
Allan Brownfeld analyzes public schools and union influence in Chicago Teacher Strike Reflected a “Public-Be-Damned” Attitude

– September 25, 2012
Allan Brownfeld reflects on What Does an Epidemic of Cheating Tell Us about American Society?

– September 21, 2012
While a film was used as the official reason, Paul Craig Roberts has another explanation. See Real Cause of Attack on U.S. Embassy in Libya on 9/11/12

– September 17, 2012
The conflict between great art and modern values is examined in Mark Wegierski's new column, The Crisis in Art and Culture 11 years after 9/11

– September 14, 2012
Allan Brownfeld looks at the dismal state of public schools in Freedom of Choice in Education Should Be a Key Issue in the Presidential Campaign

– September 13, 2012
Radical feminism has trumped the teaching of the Church at some convents. See Charles Mills' Dissident Religious Sisters

– September 7, 2012
For the U.S. to launch a pre-emptive strike on a country that has not attacked us would be dangerous folly. See Allan Brownfeld's Americans Do Not Want or Need a Pre-Emptive War against Iran

– September 7, 2012
Most of us have no idea what producers do to get food for us. See Charles Mills’ Feeding the People

– September 1, 2012
Kentucky farmers were forced to sell their farms in World War II for the building of an army base. See David Coker's The Sordid Tale of Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky

– August 31, 2012
Even if taxes were cut, we would never be as free as we were before the 16th Amendment. See Joe Sobran's classic column “The Economy” and the Taxpayer 

– August 20, 2012
David Coker contrasts poverty during the Great Depression with poverty today. See No Exit Strategy for Those Living in Poverty

– August 20, 2012
The famous economist who won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1976 is featured in Allan Brownfeld's’ Remembering Milton Friedman on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth

– August 14, 2012
Cronyism is at work in Congressional farm bills that grant unneeded subsidies to farmers. See Allan Brownfeld's’ Depression-Era Farm Subsidies Should Be Terminated

– August 13, 2012
Religion, morality, and education are essential for a country to thrive. See Allan Brownfeld's’ Can a Free Society Endure if the Values Needed to Sustain it Are Not Transmitted?

– August 10, 2012
In a color-blind society, voters should use merit rather than race to select candidates. See Allan Brownfeld's’ Presidential Campaign Needs To Be About What’s Best for America, Not Race

– August 6, 2012
Psychiatrists and school disciplinarian policies encourage bullying. See Charles Mills’ Harebrained Ways to Deal With Bullies

– August 2, 2012
Allan Brownfeld sites compelling reasons to reverse the moral decline of our culture in Honor and Integrity, Once Valued and Transmitted, Are Increasingly Rare Today

– August 1, 2012
Jon Utley proposed 8 ways to cut billions from the military defense budget in The Only Way to Cut Defense Spending is by Sequestration

– July 24, 2012
Reinstating the draft is a bad idea, according to Doug Bandow's latest column, Conscription Would Significantly Weaken the Military

– July 23, 2012
A respected black journalist died last week. See Allan Brownfeld’s tribute to him in Remembering William Raspberry: A Thoughtful Voice in Troubled Times

– July 20, 2012
The freedom of Christians to worship without fear of persecution needs to be protected. See Modern Day Crusaders Needed to Protect Religious Liberties Worldwide

– July 19, 2012
Allan Brownfeld examines the lobbying to set free of the most notorious spies in recent years in The Strange Campaign to Secure the Release of Convicted Spy, Jonathan Pollard

– July 13, 2012
"Official Washington" is more concerned with institutional survival rather than what is best for America. See David Coker's column The Disconnect between Washington, D.C. and the Rest of the Country

– July 12, 2012
From Wisconsin to New Jersey to Illinois and California, states are no longer able to afford lavish retirement benefits for employees. See Allan Brownfeld's Excessive Public Pensions Are Bankrupting Many States

– July 5, 2012
Mark Wegierski examines former traditions of Canada that have gone by the wayside in The Lost Dominion: The Social and Cultural Transformation of Canada

– July 5, 2012
An all-powerful executive is a threat to freedom and accountability. See Allan Brownfeld's Out-of-Control Executive Threatens Representative Government

– June 29, 2012
In Korea, religious belief is regarded as "bad habit" punishable by imprisonment or worse. See Doug Bandow's The Murderously Repressive North Korea Regime Viciously Persecutes Religious Believers

– June 28, 2012
Freedom to practice one's religion is an issue worldwide. See Doug Bandow's article, Religious Intolerance on the Rise in the Persian Gulf States

– June 21, 2012
Allan Brownfeld explains that both parties are responsible for the size of government — and government debt. See Democrats and Republicans are Co-Conspirators in Back Room Deals and Government Cronyism

– June 20, 2012
One of the best movies ever produced on religious liberty is in theaters around the country. See Charles Mills' For Greater Glory: A Movie Review

– June 16, 2012
Wes Vernon continues his discussion of the Cold War in The "Great War" Leads to World War II

– June 16, 2012
See part one of Wes Vernon's series How the U.S. Got into the Cold War

– June 8, 2012
Joe Sobran discusses his write-in campaign for President in Victory in 2004!

– June 8, 2012
Once contraception came into vogue, it was a slippery slope to the acceptance of homosexuality. See Charles Mills' Homosexual Hordes

– May 31, 2012
Charles Mills discusses the some of the abuses of the TSA screenings at airports. in The Blue Shirts

– May 30, 2012
Senators Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham want to add parental rights to the Constitution. See Wes Vernon's Proposed Constitutional Amendment Reasserts Parental Rights

– May 26, 2012
Lincoln had an ingenious style when arguing a case in court. See Joe Sobran's Lawyer and President 

– May 25, 2012
Our wealth could be in danger of confiscation by the state. See Joe Sobran's By Permission or by Right?

– May 18, 2012
The expansion of civil rights brings the state into many areas which used to be safe from legal coercion. See Joe Sobran's Coercive “Rights”

– May 17, 2012
Joe Sobran discusses conspiracy theorie in The Regime of the Sneaky

– May 11, 2012
Joe Sobran discusses the writings of Thomas Aquinas in Seeing Both Sides

– May 10, 2012
Joe Sobran talks about his write-in campaign for the Presidency in 2004. See The Sobran Administration

– May 4, 2012
What's in a voice? See Joe Sobran's column  The Lost Art of Speaking

– May 4, 2012
President William Howard Taft is the subject of a new novel and book review by Wes Vernon. See William Howard Taft Returns — and Runs for President

– April 27, 2012
Wes Vernon review Michael Savage's new book. Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America

– April 26, 2012
Thomas Jefferson believed that unconstitutional powers and tyrannical laws could be best checked by judges and the courts. See Charles Mills' Marbury v. Madison

– April 21, 2012
The words "under God" are the only redeeming part of the Pledge of Allegience. See Joe Sobran's column Church, State, and School

– April 20, 2012
Americans are trained from childhood to think of the State as "we." See Joe Sobran's Your Friend, the State

– April 11, 2012
Wars, the welfare state, and a "bait-and-switch" operation by the government have greatly increased our taxes. See Joe Sobran's The Rise of Tax Slavery

– April 10, 2012
Americans have detailed and profound views on issues affecting them. Jon Utley's column What Americans Think — When Asked the Right Questions

– April 5, 2012
Was the depiction of the Crucifixion in Mel Gibson's movie too violent or realistic? See Joe Sobran's classic Did The Passion of the Christ have "Excessive Violence"?

– April 4, 2012
Why do we build wind farms and blow up hydroelectric plants?
See Charles Mills' column, Windmills and Waterwheels

– March 28, 2012
Conservative activist, Andrew Breitbart, exposed the tearing down of Western Civilization.
See Wes Vernon's Andrew Breitbart Chronicled the Corrupting Influences in American Culture

– March 28, 2012
Birth control arose out of a triumvirate of bad ideas
including eugenics and scientific racism. See Charles Mills' Contraception

– March 22, 2012
Proposed federal regulations requiring Catholic institutions to participate in providing contraception and sterilization
are a clear violation of the Constitutional right to the free exercise of religion. See Charles Mills' Ambition, Accommodation, and Abortion

– March 19, 2012
“Pop” culture has become uncomfortably close to totalitarian politics.
See Joe Sobran's The Curse of Beatlemania

– March 14, 2012
Joe Sobran looks at the legacy of Nat "King" Cole
and that of the Beatles in, Celebrity and Mortality

– March 14, 2012
The chief business of the U.S. Government is to fleece us — through taxes, spending, and creating debt.
See Joe Sobran's column, What Do We Owe the State?

– March 9, 2012
The discussion of birth control needs a national conversation.
See Wes Vernon's The Birth Dearth and Contraception Need More Public Scrutiny

– March 5, 2012
The drum beat for war is more important for many evangelical Christians than social issues.
See Jon Utley's column War, Social Values, and Ron Paul

– March 1, 2012
Joe Sobran examines the thesis of Hans-Hermann Hoppe's book,
Democracy — The God That Failed, in The Myth of “Limited Government”

– February 29, 2012
It could be the sanest country on earth.
See Joe Sobran's column, Hail, Switzerland!

– February 24, 2012
Why was Pat Buchanan fired from MSNBC?
See Wes Vernon's take on it in Conservative Voice Silenced at the Liberal Fox  

– February 23, 2012
The chief business of the U.S. Government is to fleece us
— through taxes, spending, and creating debt. See Joe Sobran's column, All We Like Sheep 

– February 16, 2012
Charles Mills addresses Catholic schools in America
from 1877 to 1918 in The Golden Age of Parochial Education

– February 14, 2012
Is it discriminatory or prejudicial to outlaw certain marital unions?
Craig Turner examines this issue in Homosexual Marriage: The Debate

– February 9, 2012
The President has no power to tell state governors what to do.
Charles Mills elaborates in The Wagging Finger

– February 7, 2012
Charles Mills reviews Richard Broookhiser's recent book
on our nation's fourth president in James Madison

– February 3, 2012
Joe Sobran comments on John McCain's views on the State during the 2000 GOP presidential primaries
(he lost to George W. Bush). See The Autonomous State

– February 2, 2012
After Bill Clinton served two terms, the campaign for the Democratic nomination in the year 2000 had several contenders,
including Al Gore, Bill Bradley, and Bob Kerry. See Sobran's The Courtier Who Would Be King

– January 27, 2012
Joe Sobran's review of the 20th century is still prescient today.
See The End of a Mad Century

– January 25, 2012
Paul Gottfried muses that Ron Paul is the only candidate who would not be providing a Bush-third term or the McCain presidency that we missed in 2008.
See The Irrepressible GOP Conflict

– January 19, 2012
What greater power can the state claim than the
power to redefine human life itself?
See Joe Sobran's How Killing Became a "Right"

– January 18, 2012
Joe Sobran compares the Gipper's role in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall
to Bill Clinton's refusal to stand up to Fidel Castro in Reagan v. Clinton

– January 13, 2012
The myth of fanatical support for slavery in the South is unfounded
according to Charles Mills in Did the Old South Change its Mind? 

– January 12, 2012
Joe Sobran discusses the change in the conservative movement
over the past few decades in Defining Conservatism Downward 

– January 6, 2012
Charles Krauthammer is one of the few commentators who understands that Ron Paul is a force to be reckoned with.
See Paul Gottfried's new column The Paul Phenomenon

– January 4, 2012
Will U.S. college campuses have a Watermelongate scandal in the near future?
See Paul Gottfried's new column Politically-Incorrect Fruit

– December 30, 2011
Once Christ had left this earth, did Christianity immediately adopted a doctrine totally alien to Him?
See Joe Sobran's Christ the Culprit?

– December 29, 2011
Charles Mills provides a recent history of the influence of Moslem regimes
from Morocco to Pakistan to India and Turkey in Islam and Idealism

– December 22, 2011
Joe Sobran discusses the relationship between liberty and the right to own property
in A Commie Christmas Gift

– December 22, 2011
The release of a film of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in 2005,
brought about a vicious attack on C.S. Lewis in The New Yorker. See Joe Sobran's C.S. Lewis in the Dock

– December 16, 2011
Life is far more than mere survival.
It involves love, beauty, and truth. See Joe Sobran's Is Darwin Holy? 

– December 15, 2011
Christ remains the most hated and the best loved man in history
writes Joe Sobran in Can God Speak to Us? 

– December 12, 2011
Joe Sobran recounts C.S. Lewis' warnings on the dangers of the tyranny of the state
in The Prophetic C.S. Lewis

– December 9, 2011
Mark Wegierski discusses politics in our northern neighbor,
still recovering from the Trudeau revolution, in Harper’s 2011 Victory in Canada May Prove Hollow

– November 30, 2011
Charles Mills presents a state-by-state look at Reconstruction
in the second part of his series on Rewriting Southern History

– November 28, 2011
Charles Mills looks at the causes of the War Between the States
in a two-part series, Rewriting Southern History

– November 23, 2011
He argued that the holocaust was done behind Hitler's back and lost a $3 million libel suit.
See Joe Sobran's, The “Dangerous” David Irving

– November 23, 2011
If we enjoy truly full “freedom of expression,” why should anyone be afraid to say anything?
See Joe Sobran's classic column, Courage and Fashion

– November 19, 2011
The warrantless seizure of Elián Gonzalez, ordered by Attorney General Janet Reno,
is recounted by Joe Sobran in The Weirdest Sister

– November 18, 2011
The ideas learned in school used to provide a common basis with which to communicate with others.
Alas it is no more. See Classical Education

– November 11, 2011
Joe Sobran looks at how today's perception of Pius XII's efforts to help Jews during World War II
is different from reality in Smearing a Pope

– November 11, 2011
Castro has created the kind of society progressives everywhere dream of.
See Joe Sobran's Fidel’s American Friends

– November 2, 2011
People who like to bemoan hate actually thrive on it.
See Joe Sobran's Punishing “Hate”

– October 28, 2011
Joe Sobran discusses papal infallibility and the distinction between the human and divine aspects of the Catholic Church
in The Papal “Apology”

– October 27, 2011
Joe Sobran was the Vice-Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party in the year 2000.
He wrote this column at that time. Plugging Myself

– October 20, 2011
President Clinton's 8-year legacy of permanent enlargement of government and assaulting the Constitution
is discussed by Joe Sobran in A Large Whiskey

– October 18, 2011
Charles Mills discusses how the changes in the Catholic Mass since Vatican II destroyed the architecture of once-beautiful places of worship
in Fixing Broken Churches

– October 13, 2011
Kevin Lamb reviews Pat Buchanan's new book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?
in A Nation Disintegrates

– October 11, 2011
The case of the boy whose mother drowned while they were escaping from Cuba
is recounted in Joe Sobran's article, What About Elián?

– October 10, 2011
Joe Sobran explores politically-incorrect terms
in, The Nickname Game

– October 7, 2011
Each state should determine the rules on eligibility for college in-state tuition.
See Charles Mills' column Educating Texans

– September 30, 2011
The spiritually demanding words of Jesus still have the power to provoke hatred,
as well as adoration. See Joe Sobran's classic column, The Man They Still Hate

– September 29, 2011
Joe Sobran relates the criminal dealings of Dr. Marcel Petiot
of France during World War II in Murder Most Patriotic

– September 23, 2011
Charles Mills discusses the irrational violence against employers by members of unions
in Labor Goons: Part II

– September 22, 2011
As the first anniversary of Sobran's passing approaches,
Canadian columnist, Mark Wegierski, reflects on his career in Joe Sobran, National Review, and Canada

– September 14, 2011
Except for the U.S., every country involved in the First World War suffered grave and long-lasting ramifications.
See Charles Mills' World War I – Part II: The Consequences

– September 12, 2011
The Masonic role in causing the First World War
is examined in Part One of Charles Mills' column World War I – Part I: The Beginning

– September 9, 2011
Religious liberties are being denied all over the globe by repressive regimes.
See Doug Bandow's list of the worst offenders in Worldwide Persecution of Christians: The 14 Worst Countries

– September 8, 2011
The decline in logical thinking has led to inferior crime fiction.
See Charles Mills' Detective Stories

– September 2, 2011
It’s high time to break up the biggest monopoly of all:
the federal monopoly of power. See Joe Sobran's column In Defense of Microsoft

– September 1, 2011
The Supreme Court’s 1973 ruling that state abortion laws are unconstitutional amounted to a veto of the will of the people in all 50 states.
See Joe Sobran's Altering the Constitution

– August 26, 2011
Secession, including the resort to arms, was the final remedy against tyranny.
See Joe Sobran's column The Right to Secede

– August 25, 2011
Joe Sobran sees similarities between the villain in "The Third Man" movie and cunning politicians of our time.
See You Know Harry

– August 19, 2011
Charles Mills discusses
Progressives, Populists, and the Black South

– August 17, 2011
It was love of adventure, liberty of the frontier, and the welcoming of many children that formed America.
See Charles Mills’ latest column, Texans, Californians, and Mountain Men

– August 8, 2011
The U.S. needs to stop the mindless spending binge and get government off the backs of those who create wealth.
See Bob Hale's column “We Can Just Print Money”

– August 8, 2011
We now live under the “consolidated” government the Constitution was designed to prevent.
See Joe Sobran's column Constitutional Amnesia

– August 3, 2011
The deficit reduction "deal" is a win for the looters.
See Robert Hale's latest column Grinding Sausage

– August 2, 2011
Joe Sobran makes a case for the Earl of Oxford being the true Bard
in Debating Shakespeare

– July 29, 2011
This sea creature's smile is hypocritical, like that of the wretched crocodile or the president of the United States.
See Joe Sobran's column The Dark Side of Dolphins

– July 28, 2011
The legalization of abortion has removed the responsibility from being male, thereby diminishing masculinity itself.
See Joe Sobran's column Abortion and Authoritarianism

– July 23, 2011
Great literature can help us remain fad-proof.
See Joe Sobran's column Reading Old Books

– July 22, 2011
admits that “constitutional government,” are code words for heartless bigotry. See Change This Document!

– July 16, 2011
Joe Sobran
discusses how liberals attempt to frame the debate in Argument from Status

– July 15, 2011
Joe Sobran discusses the limitations of genius
in The Other Einstein

– July 8, 2011
Government is assumed to be entitled to take as much of the citizens’ wealth as it desires,
explains Joe Sobran in Government and Greed

– July 7, 2011
From 1801 to 1825, under Presidents Jefferson, Madison and Monroe (all Virginians), the United States grew from a small nation to a dominant power in the Western Hemisphere.
See Charles Mills’ latest column, The Golden Age of American Diplomacy

– June 30, 2011
Joe Sobran
recounts President Franklin D. Roosevelt being named "Person of the (20th) Century" by Arthur Schlesinger in Lies, As Usual

– June 29, 2011
Theology, philosophy, mathematics, logic, music, and poetry thrived in years following the fall of Rome.
See Charles Mills' latest column, The “Dark Ages” That Never Were

– June 23, 2011
“Violence and coercion are at the heart of the union movement,”
writes Charles Mills in a new column, Labor Goons

– June 20, 2011
The Supreme Court compounds its own errors
says Joe Sobran in Structures of Deceit

– June 17, 2011
The Fourteenth Amendment has served as the basis for generations of bad jurisprudence writes Joe Sobran
in It’s Power, Not Prayer

– June 16, 2011
Charles Mills looks at the "God of Armies" and soldier saints
in A Soldier’s Faith

– June 12, 2011
Joe Sobran discusses the days when publishing your writing was considered "vulgar"
in Dr. Johnson, Radical

– June 8, 2011
Politics without morality leads to tyranny,
concludes Joe Sobran after reading C.S. Lewis. See The Prophetic C.S. Lewis

– June 3, 2011
Tom Roeser examines Romney's businessman pragmatic solutions
to the abortion issue and universal health care in Massachusetts in Can Romney Overcome RomneyCare?

– June 2, 2011
In honor of Tom Roeser, we reprint one of his columns from earlier this year
comparing President Obama to previous presidents on “wierdness.” See Size 44 Weird

– May 27, 2011
Joe Sobran discusses the Commerce Clause of the Constitution
in Rape, Slavery, Booze, and Interstate Commerce

– May 27, 2011
Joe Sobran writes that Christ is still quoted after 2000 years.
See The Words and Deeds of Christ

– May 19, 2011
What is truth?
Charles Mills shows how denying it leads to bad laws. See Cancer and Idolatry in the Supreme Court

– May 18, 2011
The official form of worship in the United States is a "religion of civility,"
which lacks an animating fire, says Joe Sobran In Defense of Bob Jones

– May 14, 2011
Joe Sobran outlines some reasons why Edward de Vere was the author of the so-called Shakespeare plays
in Honoring the True Bard

– May 14, 2011
During his reign as Prime Minister, Churchill had a pathetic desire to be liked by Stalin.
See Joe Sobran's column The Real Churchill

– May 6, 2011
Joe Sobran writes that you can defend yourself against a murder charge but not against being called a "racist."
See The Culture of Tyranny

– May 6, 2011
The most intense persecution of Christianity occurred not in the Roman Empire, but in the twentieth century,
especially in the Communist world. See Joe Sobran's column, The Church of Silence

– April 29, 2011
The Commonwealth of Virginia's secession in 1861 was — and remains — valid.
See Joe Sobran's column, Free Virginia

– April 28, 2011
Why haven't Americans cultivated wit as the English have?
See Joe Sobran's column, Why Can’t the Americans?

– April 21, 2011
Christianity improved civilization but still gets blamed
for all the evils it failed to eradicate. See Joe Sobran's column, The Critics of Christ

– April 15, 2011
Charles Mills discusses persecution of Christians in the Arab world
in Democracy or Religious Liberty?

– April 13, 2011
The concept of the permanency of marriage
has been abandoned says Charles Mills in The Shameful Legacy of the 20th Century: the Destruction of the Family

– April 9, 2011
Military affairs expert, William Lind, suggests defensive warfare policy
in the Middle East. See: U.S. Should Go Home and Close the Gate

– April 6, 2011
Public employee unions are bankrupting the country
according to Robert Hale in Unions — The Manufacturing and Political Demise of America

– March 31, 2011
Jon Utley describes six ways we can end our dependence on Mideast oil
in The Case for Increasing Domestic Oil Production

– March 30, 2011
Like the emperor who had no clothes, we have been swindled by our leaders.
Will America wake up on time? See Robert Hale’s It’s Time We Stop Pretending

– March 24, 2011
(Humor) Aunt Maise returns with counsel on dealing with highwaymen, school principals, and pesky squirrels
in Ask Aunt Maisie: Old-fashioned advice for the 21st century

– March 22, 2011
America is on the verge of imploding and neither the Republicans or Democrats have the will to change.
See Robert Hale’s new column, U.S. Treasury Secretary — U.S. Must Incur More Debt!

– March 17, 2011
Bob Hale proposes a solution to boost the Mexican government
and that of the U.S. in Mexico — It’s Time to Support Its Revolution

– March 14, 2011
The impact of the War of 1812
is discussed in Part II of Charles Mills' series, Virginians, New Englanders and Indians  Part II: War

– March 9, 2011
The origins of New England’s hatred of the South
lie in its humiliation for its opposition to the War of 1812 according to Charles Mills in Virginians, New Englanders and Indians  Part I: Westward Expansion

– March 8, 2011
Jon Utley outlines seven factors why restricting trade will not lead to growth
and more jobs in Seven Reasons Why the U.S. Has Trade Deficits

– March 4, 2011
Putting 100% of our GNP into education would still not increase literacy.
Charles Mills examines The Economics of Education

– March 3, 2011
(Humor) Libertarian Aunt Maisie writes an advice column for patriots.
See Ask Aunt Maisie: Old-fashioned advice for the 21st century

– February 24, 2011
Part II of Joe Sobran's thesis on the "Red Decade" in the Soviet Union appears today.
See Before the Hive (Part II)

– February 23, 2011
To commemorate what would have been Joe Sobran's 65th birthday today,
we republish his dissection of the "Red Decade" in Russia in the 1930s in  Before the Hive (Part I)

– February 17, 2011
Jon Utley examines the reasons why members of the tea party are against continual wars
and overseas entanglements in: A Foreign Policy For The Tea Party

– February 10, 2011
The reading of Declaration of Independence at the Super Bowl
omitted much of the document. See Charles Mills’ timely column What the Declaration of Independence Really Means

– February 9, 2011
An over-structured society leaves little time for a child’s imagination
to flourish according to Charles Mills in Forbidden Pleasures

– February 3, 2011
The origin of Religious Liberty in the English colonies in the 1600s
is discussed by Charles Mills in The Roots of American Religious Liberty Part II: The Restoration and Succeeding Decades

– February 2, 2011
The origin of Religious Liberty in the English colonies
in the 1600s is discussed by Charles Mills in The Roots of American Religious Liberty Part I: The Early Period

– January 28, 2011
A new recording of a renowned classical music conductor
is reviewed by Kevin Lamb in Rudolf Kempe: Genius of the Podium

– January 23, 2011
The semantics of apologists for abortion are analyzed
in Joe Sobran's column, Words of Choice

– January 21, 2011
Where was the right to an abortion discovered in the Constitution?
Joe Sobran looks at the controversial Roe vs. Wade decision in Roe and Rot 

– January 21, 2011
George Krasnow looks at war and peace
through the lens of a Russian immigrant in Winter Soldiers vs. Sunshine Patriots

– January 13, 2011
Joe Sobran discovers shoddy scholarship from those who believe that the Shakespeare plays were written by a man from Stratford
in The Bard in Retirement 

– January 12, 2011
Joe Sobran looks at "diversity" in the opinions
of Sandra Day O'Connor and Thurgood Marshall in  The Court Versus Federalism

– January 6, 2011
Joe Sobran discusses Roman Polanski’s great film, Macbeth
in a classic column,  Shakespearean Masterpiece

– January 5, 2011
Charles Mills discusses the liberals' embrace of homosexuals
in the military in Sissies and Killers

– December 29, 2010
The new military policy on homosexuals could have disastrous consequences.
See The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Can of Worms

– December 27, 2010
The never-ending recognition and affirmation of homosexuality
as a publicly sanctioned alternative “lifestyle” is discussed by Kevin Lamb in Turning Paris Island Into Fire Island

– December 24, 2010
Joe Sobran discusses the age-old opposition to Christ
in Resisting Jesus

– December 22, 2010
Charles Mills discusses a momentous election
in The 1874 Electoral Landslide

– December 15, 2010
George Krasnow describes
A New Conservative Manifesto for Russia

– December 13, 2010
Tom Roeser reviews W's new book
in Bush Book Interesting but Gooey and Wilsonian

– December 8, 2010
Sobran's close friend, Tom Bethell of The American Spectator,
reminisces on Joe's life and untimely death in Interregnum — and a Transition

– December 7, 2010
Our civil liberties are being violated
by excessive security measures according to Charles Mills' new column An Immodest Proposal

– December 3, 2010
Joe Sobran recounts how the hunchbacked Richard III courted his future queen
in How to Handle a Woman

– November 30, 2010
Should the federal government be involved in education?
Charles Mills thinks not. See Federal Aid to Schools Is Unconstitutional

– November 24, 2010
Guest columnist Tom Roeser
examines the controversy surrounding the pope’s new book in Benedict’s Carelessly Structured Condom Remark Does Not Sanction Homosexual Acts

– November 23, 2010
The unfair smearing of Joe Sobran as an antisemite.
A Tribute to American Patriot – In Memory of Joe Sobran (1946-2010): Part Two

– November 18, 2010
Russian-American, George Krasnow, reflects on the life of Joe Sobran.
This is the first column of a two-part series. A Tribute to American Patriot – In Memory of Joe Sobran (1946-2010): Part One

– November 16, 2010
Charles Mills discusses public and private
in Financing Education

– November 11, 2010
Jon Utley describes eight ways in which environmental extremists are wreaking havoc
on the American economy in Job-Killing Environmentalists

– November 8, 2010
Kevin Lynch writes his reflections of Joe Sobran
in Extraordinary Joe

– October 29, 2010
Joe Sobran discusses the 10th Amendment to the Constitution
in Penumbras, Emanations, and Stuff

– October 28, 2010
Joe Sobran discusses his love of classical music,
and an opera he attempted to compose in ONLY MOZART 

– October 22, 2010
Sobran discusses Darwinian Fairytales by atheist writer,
David Stove, in a classic column, The Philosopher and the Fossils 

– October 21, 2010
FGF will continue to publish great classic columns of the late Joe Sobran.
Here's a gem from 2006;  Jesus’ Government

– October 14, 2010
Jon Basil Utley, associate publisher of The American Conservative,
discusses Joe Sobran in Joseph Sobran, Antiwar Prophet, RIP

– October 14, 2010
Joe Sobran's editor at Chronicles magazine shares his reflections
on his life and passing in Joseph Sobran, R.I.P.

– October 8, 2010
Charles Mills sees similarities between the late Joe Sobran
and one of his favorite Shakespearean characters in Joe Sobran and Hamlet

– October 4, 2010
R. J. Stove reflects on Joe Sobran's life
and legacy in An Aussie Remembers Joe

– October 1, 2010
The late Joe Sobran, who died yesterday,
discusses how to deal with those who disagree with you in one of his classic columns "YOU CAN'T MEAN IT!"

– October 1, 2010
Joe Sobran analyzes the pitfalls
of following "The Latest Thinking"in a classic column Tolerance and Progress

– September 24, 2010
Man's decadent nature
is discussed in Sobran's classic column, Advancing toward Savagery

– September 20, 2010
The life of a conservative journalist
is recounted by Charles Mills in James Jackson Kilpatrick, RIP

– September 17, 2010
Joe Sobran discusses a different historical perspective on the Civil War
than that taught in the schools in a Heritage of Savagery

– September 16, 2010
Joe Sobran recounts the beliefs and style of the 20th century
in this classic column The End of a Mad Century

– September 10, 2010
"Hate" endows the state with a vast mandate for correction,
according to Joe Sobran in The Uses of "Hate"

– September 9, 2010
Joe Sobran examines Alfred Hitchcock's classic film, Psyco,
and its remake in Cloning PSYCHO.

– September 2, 2010
Joe Sobran discusses classic movies
and their producers in Wilder and His Betters

– August 26, 2010
What's wrong with the California judge's decision to overturn Proposition 8
and allow homosexuals to marry? See Charles Mills' A Federal Judge Ignores Truth  Part II: He Rewrites History

– August 24, 2010
The Iraqi Constitution has a fatal constitutional flaw,
proportional representation, according to Jon Utley in Iraqi Constitution Doomed to Failure

– August 24, 2010
The California judge's ruling to allow homosexual marriages
is analyzed by Charles Mills. See A Federal Judge Ignores Truth  Part I: He Takes Sex Out of Marriage

– August 18, 2010
The 14th Amendment has given us abortion, pornography — and a reason to desecrate the flag.
See Charles Mills' latest column The Fourteenth Amendment and The Flag

– August 17, 2010
Washington causes much of the high unemployment in America
by its excessive regulations that stymie industry and new investments. See Jon Basil Utley's Confronting Washington’s Job-Killers

– August 13, 2010
Joe Sobran reflects on George Washington's words
that "government is force." See Idealism versus Freedom

– August 12, 2010
Creative proposals and unconventional ideas should be considered, not shunned, in the Republican Party
and the conservative movement. See Charles Mills' The Big Tent Is a Big Lie

– August 5, 2010
The Confederate Lawyer gives a short history of desegregation in the South.
See Charles Mills' Eisenhower and Faubus

– August 4, 2010
Must we obey the state even when it usurps powers never entrusted to it?
Joe Sobran grapples with this question in The State and Heresy

– July 29, 2010
Why all the fuss about the Confederate flag?
Charles Mills takes up this question in The Conquered Banner

– July 28, 2010
Charles G. Mills reminisces about Bill Buckley, Joe Sobran, Pat Buchanan, Brent Bozell, and National Review
magazine in A Venture in Triviality

– July 22, 2010
The West won the Cold War because of Ronald Reagan.
See Charles Mills' The Cold War, Part VII: Reagan, Bush, and Victory

– July 20, 2010
The Jimmy Carter years (1976-80)
are described in the continuation of Charles Mills' series The Cold War, Part VI: Carter’s Dark Night before Dawn

– July 15, 2010
Washington’s reaction to the Gulf oil spill caused greater damage than the event itself,
according to Jon Basil Utley's latest article, The Government’s Catastrophic Response to Oil Disaster

– July 15, 2010
Charles Mills discusses the politics of the oil spill
in British Petroleum, the Tar Baby, and the Briar Patch

– July 8, 2010
President Richard Nixon's foreign policy legacy is examined
by Charles Mills in The Cold War Part V: Nixon Stabs Free China in the Back

– July 7, 2010
Charles Mills' series continues with a description of President Lyndon Johnson's Administration.
See The Cold War Part IV: Johnson Brings the Cold War Home

– June 30, 2010
Charles Mills' series on the Cold War continues with a look at “mutually assured destruction" (MAD), the Berlin Wall, and the Cuban missile crisis.
See The Cold War Part III: Kennedy’s Twilight Zone

– June 30, 2010
Charles Mills series continues with
The Cold War Part II: The Lost Opportunities of Eisenhower

– June 24, 2010
In the first of a series of columns on the Cold War,
Charles Mills recounts the Truman Administration, the Korean War, and the daring strategies of General Douglas MacArthur. The Cold War Part I: Truman and a Bad Start

– June 22, 2010
Joe Sobran reviews Robert Reilly's new book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind
in Allah Is Not Great

– June 17, 2010
Rand Paul's comment about the 1964 Civil Rights Act sends a once-friendly media into a feeding frenzy.
See Paul Gottfried's latest column, Clarifying the Negative Impact of the 1964 Civil Rights Act: Rand Paul Starts Much-Needed Debate

– June 16, 2010
Divine law is true, even if no one believes it.
See Joe Sobran's classic column, Legacy of Lies

– June 9, 2010
Joe Sobran takes a look at the views of our first President
in Washington's New Confederacy

– June 7, 2010
The inability to love is often the reason that mothers abort their own children.
See Joe Sobran's classic, Abortion and Hatred

– June 4, 2010
In a classic column,
Joe Sobran looks at the popularity of the fictitious The Da Vinci Code and Darwinism. Farewell to Mayberry

– June 4, 2010
There is tolerance, diversity, and freedom only for those views of which the elite media approve
as Sam Francis shows in a classic column Media Elite versus Christian Heritage

– May 28, 2010
Is the Constitution dead?
Joe Sobran defines the problem in Jefferson Was Right

– May 27, 2010
Calling a homosexual union a marriage doesn’t make it a marriage.
See Joe Sobran's Candor, Anyone?

– May 20, 2010
Charles Mills, The Confederate Lawyer, analyzes Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
from the point of view of the South in Lincoln’s Hypocritical Address

– May 18, 2010
The pro-Communist legacy of FDR,
who was president from 1933 to 1945, is examined by Charles Mills in Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Age of Evil

– May 12, 2010
The word "Confederate" has unfairly taken a bad rap,
according to Charles Mills in Virginia’s Confederate History

– May 11, 2010
Banning burquas is not the answer to the diminishing Christian population of Europe.
See Frank Creel's The Merest Christianity

– May 6, 2010
Satirizing the euphemisms of the abortion lobby,
Charles Mills offers his latest column, Terminating Human Abortion Instrumentalities

– April 29, 2010
Paul Gottfried's latest column discusses the
Manipulated History of the Civil Rights Movement

– April 28, 2010
Ignoring constitutional government and a system of divided powers and checks and balances will lead to
societal dissolution according to Frank Creel in Yawning at Subsidiarity

– April 27, 2010
Joe Sobran reviews
James Shapiro's new book in Bard Thou Never Wert

– April 21, 2010
Are laws objective or based on sheer power and relativism?
Charles Mills explains jurisprudence in The Supreme Court, the Common Law, and the Natural Law: Part II

– April 20, 2010
The origin of our court system is explained
by Charles Mills. The Supreme Court, the Common Law, and the Natural Law: Part I

– April 15, 2010
It's time for a true conservative political revolution
according to Charles Mills. See: A Rebirth of Liberty, or a Neocon on a White Horse?

– April 14, 2010
It was already over when the Beatles arrived.
See Joe Sobran's column, The Decline of Rock

– April 7, 2010
Joe Sobran examines the sin of envy
in the classic column Smirking at Virtue

– April 6, 2010
As we approach April 15,
Joe Sobran looks at the citizen-state relationship in The Government We’re Stuck With

– March 30, 2010
His words are quoted more than anyone else's in the world,
yet why do people resist — and even hate — Him? See Joe Sobran's classic column, The Words and Deeds of Christ

– March 25, 2010
What happened to the U. S. Senate, which the Framers regarded as a bulwark against tyranny?
See Destroying the Traditions of the Senate

– March 24, 2010
Joe Sobran dissects Christopher Hitchens' book, god Is Not Great in a classic column,
Thank God for Atheists

– March 17, 2010
Charles Mills reviews a book about a U.S. pro-Communist espionage agent.
See Book Fails to Vindicate Accused Spy John Stewart Service

– March 17, 2010
Joe Sobran recommends two great books
and discusses the "K" word in three classic snippets, Our Constitution, the "K" Word, and Samuel Johnson's Cure

– March 12, 2010
Charles Mills reviews Tom Pauken's new book, Bringing America Home
in Restoring Nobility to the Name “Conservative”

– March 10, 2010
The rave reviews of R. J. Stove's recent book
didn't seem to translate into sales. See Confessions of a Non-Bestseller

– March 4, 2010
Should the government tell employers how much to pay their women employees?
Paul Gottfried tackles this issue in Protecting Women or Re-engineering Society?

– March 3, 2010
Frank Creel hopes that Obama will update the rules of the game for American workers.
See Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

– February 25, 2010
A Christian victory over the evil of abortion is possible
but much work needs to be done. See the final segment of Frank Creel's series A Pro-Life Manifesto: Part VI

– February 25, 2010
Can real change come again to Canada?
See Mark Wegierski's Canadian Conservatives Swim Against Liberal Tide

– February 17, 2010
Paul Gottfried looks at the lack of ideology of the two major political parties
in Blue and Red Teams: Wishing Both Would Go Away

– February 16, 2010
Would we have been better off if Strom Thurmond had been elected U.S. President in 1948?
See Charles Mills' latest column Trent Lott Was Right

– February 15, 2010
Joe Sobran takes a look at President Obama's so-called eloquence
in No Cliché Left Behind

– February 11, 2010
The Church should be doing more
to end the evil of abortion. See Part V of Frank Creel's series, The Catholic Church's Complicity in Failing to Halt Abortion: A Pro-life Manifesto: Part V

– February 10, 2010
R. J. Stove, our new columnist and classical music aficionado from Melbourne, Australia,
deplores what Mahler-lovers say but would defend to the death their right to say it. See Mahler: Is it Just me, Or...?

– February 9, 2010
Allan Brownfeld thinks our criminal justice system needs reform.
See Violence Illustrates Need for Repeat Criminals to Serve Full Sentences

– February 3, 2010
Commitment to self-reliance, constitutional government, and economic liberty
are needed to bring about a culture of life. See Frank Creel's A Pro-life Manifesto: Part IV

– February 3, 2010
Paul Gottfried decries the Republicans' political correctness
in criticizing Sen. Harry Reid in Leftwing Thought and Speech Control Infects GOP

– February 2, 2010
In a new column, Joe Sobran remarks on President Obama's State of the Union
outreach to homosexuals in Sodomy, Abortion, and the Forces of Hate

– January 28, 2010
Consumerism belongs in the marketplace, not in government, religion, or the family,
according to Daniel Graham's latest article, The Real Dangers of Consumerism

– January 27, 2010
Our debt could bring the U.S. to financial ruin
but pet projects of Congressmen are alive and well. See Allan Brownfeld's latest column, Deficit Soars while Bipartisan Earmarks Continue Unabated

– January 25, 2010
America has 400 year-old roots dating back to the 1600s.
Charles Mills examines the concept of freedom that formed our country in Was America Born in a Revolution or a War for Independence?

– January 21, 2010
Congress could overturn Roe v. Wade by statute.
Frank Creel presents such a statute in Preborn Citizens' Rights Can be Guaranteed by a Constitutional Provision: A Pro-life Manifesto: Part III

– January 20, 2010
Voting for the lesser of two evils is always a vote for evil
says Frank Creel in Replacing the Political Parties: A Pro-life Manifesto: Part II

– January 14, 2010
To commemorate the 38th anniversary of the historic Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, on January 22, 1973,
over the next few weeks we will be publishing, A Pro-Life Manifesto -- a six-part series of columns on the abortion issue from FGF columnist Frank Creel. See A Pro-life Manifesto: Part I

– January 12, 2010
Allan Brownfeld reviews Stephen Sniegoski's 450-page book, The Transparent Cabal,
in his latest article, The Role of Neoconservatives — and Israel’s Right Wing — in the War in Iraq

– January 7, 2010
Charles Mills recalls the beginnings of the conservative movement
in the 1960s in We Were Young Once — and Conservative

– January 6, 2010
Frank Creel muses on global warming
and the contradictory theories of Darwin and environmentalism in Darwin Says Chill

– December 30, 2009
Federal employees are experiencing unprecedented financial gains,
while over 7 million people in private sector are unemployed. Robert Hale examines this disparity in Wag the Dog

– December 29, 2009
How important is an intact family for black youth?
Allan Brownfeld explains why black students often lag behind in Complex Factors, Not Race, Account for Achievement Gap in Schools

– December 25, 2009
Paul Gottfried discusses the former Speaker of the House in
Newt Gingrich: An Exemplary Republican

– December 25, 2009
Federal policy, not the free market, encourages usury
says Charles Mills in Usury, Loan Sharking, and High Interest Rates

– December 22, 2009
What does population control have to do with the world climate conference in Copenhagen?
Robert Hale has some answers in Global Warming — The Real Agenda

– December 17, 2009
Scandalmongering is part of the history of color-blind America
says Frank Creel in No Racism Here

– December 15, 2009
The reasons for teen murders in our inner-cities
need to be addressed writes Allan Brownfeld in Examining the Real Causes of Gang Violence in Chicago and Other Cities

– December 10, 2009
Allan Brownfeld discusses an important new book,
It Happened In Italy in his new column The Largely Untold Story: Rescuing Jews in Mussolini’s Italy

– December 8, 2009
Why does the U.S. kowtow to Communist China and snub the free Republic of China?
Charles Mills explains in Obama Avoids Free China on Asian Tour

– December 2, 2009
Congress' "debt-funded spending spree"
will jeopardize businesses nationwide including his own, reports Robert Hale in Putting America’s Small Businesses in Intensive Care

– December 1, 2009
What will the impact of irresponsible fiscal management and a federal debt at $13 trillion be on the taxpayers?
See Robert Hale's latest column What’s Our Real Federal Income Tax Rate?

– November 25, 2009
Allowing government the exclusive control over legitimate force
is the road to serfdom, says Charles Mills in Preston Brooks’ Cane

– November 25, 2009
Should we stay or withdraw from Afghanistan?
Robert Hale, and our troops, are waiting for a decision. See Leaving Soldiers in Harm's Way

– November 20, 2009
Is there Christian religious rage against non-Christians
on the campus? Faculty — but not students — seem to think so according to Paul Gottfried in Embracing Diversity Rather Than Academics

– November 17, 2009
Are Members of Congress serving their constituents?
Robert Hale looks at this question in Representative Government?

– November 11, 2009
Are invading and occupying other countries the best ways to defend America from terrorism?
Allan Brownfeld analyzes our Great Power role in U.S. Still Searching for Post-Cold War Role

– November 9, 2009
Bob Hale compares the health care bills to Nazi programs in
America’s Health Care “Holocaust”

– November 5, 2009
A climate of fear is likely
when the feds decide salaries according to Charles Mills in Pay Czar Policies Have Unintended — and Far-Reaching — Consequences

– November 4, 2009
Are our views on issues related?
Paul Gottfried examines the connection between various political stances in Belief Clusters

– October 29, 2009
Personal identification cards are police-state instruments
says Charles G. Mills in We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Photo IDs

– October 27, 2009
Are Caucasians the only ones who can be guilty of racism?
See Allan Brownfeld's response in White vs. Black Racism: Time To End the Double Standard

– October 22, 2009
Our energy policy has become tyrannical
according to Charles Mills' latest column Environmental Extremists Reverse Natural Order

– October 20, 2009
Freedom of the press
is at stakein a move to make newspapers become government corporations. See Robert Hale's latest column: Government: You Can’t Vote with your Pocketbooks!

– October 15, 2009
After an eight year war, and more American deaths than
those killed on 911,
Allan Brownfeld writes: Nation-Building in Afghanistan: A War of Necessity or Choice?

– October 13, 2009
Even though the U.S. is $11 trillion in debt, our leaders plan even more deficit spending.
Robert Hale asks: Is It Time for Taxpayers to Bailout?

– October 8, 2009
Dan Graham gives parents some tips
on how to spot the truth in Teaching Our Children To Think Logically

– October 6, 2009
Robert Hale blames government involvement for the rise in health care costs.
See 100% Solution for a 15% Problem

– October 1, 2009
Frank Creel predicts that Obama will not be renominated for President
if he gets us entangled in a war in Afghanistan. See Obama and the Graveyard of Empires

– October 1, 2009
Charles Mills looks are how rejection of God has adversely impacted England and the U.S. in
Only Fear of God Can Guarantee Liberty

– September 30, 2009
Stephen Sniegoski looks at the Obama Administration
and neoconservative support for war in the Middle East in Afghanistan: Back Door to War on Iranl

– September 29, 2009
Robert Hale examines
the goals of environmental extremists in Global Warming: The New Word for Mandates and Population Control

– September 24, 2009
Frank Creel ponders
usury and reality in Just Say No to Mammon

– September 23, 2009
Allan Brownfeld
looks at Political Correctness: A Growing Threat to Free Speech

– September 22, 2009
Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst
during the President's address to Congress is examined by Robert L. Hale in Tempest in a Teapot: A Lost Opportunity

– September 17, 2009
Why is the Chamber of Commerce for the federal bailouts?
See Allan Brownfeld's latest column: Which Side Is Big Business Really On?

– September 16, 2009
Partisan politics is a big factor in the war game.
See Paul Gottfried's column: Shouldering the Burden of War: Protests End and War Continues under Obama

– September 15, 2009
Even stalwart conservative journals are subject to Political correctness
as Kevin Lamb details in Human Events vs. Pat Buchanan: An Insider’s View

– September 10, 2009
Religion used to be an important part of public life
— until a Supreme Court ruling in 1947. See Charles Mills' latest column Keeping Alive the Memory of American Public Religion

– September 9, 2009
Frank Creel, just back from a trip to Turkey,
posts the following reflections. See: Turkey: A Strategic Ally at the Crossroads

– September 9, 2009
Just doing what other lawmakers do?
See Allan Brownfeld's latest column, Rep. Jefferson’s Freezer: Only the Tip of the Iceberg of Congressional Corruption

– September 3, 2009
While millions are spent to destroy old cars, the automakers and dealers
— rather than the fledging economy — are the ones reaping benefits. See Allan Brownfeld's latest column, Cash for Clunkers: A Dangerous Precedent

– September 1, 2009
Frank Creel discusses why Teddy Kennedy and the Democratic Party flip-flopped on the abortion issue
in No Holy Grail: The End of Camelot

– August 26, 2009
Charles Mills remembers one of the greatest investigative journalists of our time in
Robert Novak, Rest in Peace

– August 25, 2009
It is politically advantageous for the GOP to oppose the Democrats
on key issues as Paul Gottfried opines in Republicans Opposing Sotomayor Showed True Grit.

– August 24, 2009
Our youth have been bombarded with historical lies
and politically-correct propaganda about freedom and tyranny
says Charles Mills in Keeping Alive the Memory of American Freedom.

– August 20, 2009
Charles Mills takes an historical look
at the controversy surrounding the Copernican theory in Was Galileo Guilty?

– August 19, 2009
Robert Hale looks at the proposed health care legislation
in Representative Democracy? Something We Don’t Have!

– August 18, 2009
Allan Brownfeld looks at ObamaCare
in What Will Rationed Health Care Mean for Elderly and Disabled Persons?

– August 13, 2009
Pope Pius IX's life and accomplishments
are discussed in Charles Mills' latest column Three Heroic Popes – Part II

– August 12, 2009
Napolean Bonaparte's battles with the papacy
  are detailed in Charles Mills' two-part series, Three Heroic Popes — Part I

– August 10, 2009
Jay Parker believes that the free enterprise system is the best path for racial progress.
  See Allan Brownfeld's column Celebrating a Black Conservative Who Has Always Put Country above Color

– August 6, 2009
What women have willfully done to their female nature
is akin to taking a Rembrandt and covering it with graffiti, according to Robert Hale.
See Where Did Women’s Self-Respect Go?

– August 4, 2009
The imposition of an extreme version of secularism
is in itself a form of religious “establishment.”  See Allan Brownfeld's new column Atheists Misread the Role of Religion in American Society

– July 30, 2009
Frank Creel analyzes the modern conservative movement
in Muddling Through: The Real Conservatism

– July 28, 2009
Allan Brownfeld examines Structured English Immersion
in his latest column Supreme Court: Teaching in English Benefits Immigrants

– July 23, 2009
The U.S. highway infrastructure is in disrepair
according to Robert Hale's new column, Putting the Cart Before the Roads

– July 21, 2009
Politicians are more concerned with the next election
— not the next generation. Allan Brownfeld explains in Confronting the Myth of Borrowing Our Way to Solvency

– July 15, 2009
Frank Creel expounds on beating the drums for war
— and spiritual warfare in Living in a Dangerous World

– July 14, 2009
Charles Mills discusses some extraordinary men
of the Confederate Army in Three Great Chaplains

– July 9, 2009
When truth becomes opinion: 
Daniel Graham examines the experimental method of pedagogy in Teach Your Children To Learn

– July 7, 2009
Allan Brownfeld writes that the
Crusade for Reparations for Slavery Misreads History

– July 1, 2009
Allan Brownfeld explains the mindset of those calling for more and more government programs in
Selfish Political Class Fuels Deficits and Bailouts

– June 29, 2009
Charles Mills chronicles some of the deceptions of the abortion lobby in
The Lies They Tell

– June 24, 2009
Charles Mills writes of the remarkable friendship
of two leaders in The Blessed Pius IX and President Jefferson Davis: Kindred Spirits

– June 23, 2009
A Justice for all or for a few?
See Allan Brownfeld's The Sotomayor Nomination: Last Gasp for Identity Politics?

– June 18, 2009
Charles Mills gives a short history
of how people throughout the ages worshipped God in Sacrifice

– June 16, 2009
Allan Brownfeld writes
The Last Thing We Need Is a Preemptive War Against Iran

– June 11, 2009
America is snarled in the deadly embrace of indifferentism and forgetfulness
says Frank Creel in When Scales Fall

– June 9, 2009
Animal brains, philosophy, and Darwinism
are among the topics in Joe Sobran's new column The Absent-Minded Squirrel

– June 4, 2009
Joe Sobran says that there are no loose ends
in this man's life. See The Incomparable One.

– June 3, 2009
Controversy surrounded the granting of degrees
to both Presidents Bush and Obama as Charles Mills reminds us in Notre Dame’s Honorary Degrees

– June 2, 2009
The Republicans acted like Democrats
when in power. See Allan Brownfeld's latest column, Republicans Still Don’t Understand Their Decline

– May 29, 2009
When is a Catholic not a Catholic?
Joe Sobran takes a look at the career of Garry Wills in his latest column, Eccentric Catholicism.

– May 27, 2009
Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor was involved in a highly controversial case
as Allan Brownfeld explains in Toward a Genuinely Color-Blind Society?

– May 20, 2009
Joe Sobran looks back at the 20th century
in a classic article, Progressive Hopes.

– May 19, 2009
Destructive taxation has ended more civilizations than wars
explains Robert Hale inThose Who Don’t Learn From History . . .

– May 14, 2009
Joe Sobran reflects on the afterlife in
Imagining Heaven

– May 13, 2009
Our tax system is worse than a ponzi scheme
according to Robert Hale. While We Still Have a Democracy, Let’s Use It

– May 13, 2009
The breakdown of culture and society in North America
began when left-liberalism gained a foothold after
World War II . See Mark Wegierski's
Canada Now a Nation Without a History

– May 7, 2009
Joe Sobran discusses the remarkable life
of a 20th century Italian saint in
The Glory of Padre Pio

– May 5, 2009
Allan Brownfeld wonders why the most powerful nation
on earth needs to fight wars
with weak adversaries in Reflections on Visiting a U.S. Military Cemetery Abroad:  The Uniqueness of America and the Dangers of Going to War Precipitously

– April 30, 2009
Military spending, defense lobbyists, and war machines
are the subject of Allan Brownfeld's latest column A Realistic Look at the U.S. Defense Budget — and America’s World Role.

– April 28, 2009
NATO is a relic and should be laid to rest
according to Frank Creel in his new column, Whither NATO?

– April 23, 2009
Charles Mills offers a unique pro-life proposal in
Ban Contraceptives from Interstate Commerce.

– April 21, 2009
Frank Creel examines misunderstood aspects
of the Second and 14th Amendments in Our Forgotten Constitution.

– April 16, 2009
The successful voucher program in Washington, D.C.
has been scrapped
by the U.S. Senate. Allan Brownfeld examines this issue in President Obama: The “Education” President Who Opposes Educational Choice?

– April 14, 2009
Paul Gottfried examines the pros and cons of President Richard Nixon in
Nixon-Frost: A Better Portrait than Intended?

– April 8, 2009
Joe Sobran reviews Steve Sniegoski's new book
on the neoconservative agenda, The Transparent Cabal in his latest column World War V, Anyone?

– April 7, 2009
Congressmen are quick to blame business and industry for our financial debacle
— to divert attention away from the real cause: themselves. See Outraged? by Robert Hale.

– April 2, 2009
Why are governments and people drawn to war?
Jon Basil Utley gives an explanation in, Taking on the Military-Industrial Complex:
A 10-Point Plan for the Right and the Left.

– April 2, 2009
The sad chapter of radical violence that shook our nation 40 years ago
has still not been properly addressed. See Allan Brownfeld's new column, Confronting an Unresolved Act of Radical Violence: The 1970 San Francisco Police Station Bombing.

– April 2, 2009
Obama's conscience seems to be quite untroubled
about abortion as Joe Sobran explains in a new column, According to Fashion.

– March 30, 2009
The groundbreaking personhood bill proposed in North Dakota
has been watered down. See Robert Hale's update in North Dakota Catholic Bishops Opt to Preserve Roe v. Wade.

– March 26, 2009
Disintegration of values rather than white racism is the most pressing problem
facing black communities says columnist Allan Brownfeld in The NAACP at l00: Where Does It Go From Here?

– March 24, 2009
Magna Charta is one of the most important
yet least understood documents in history. Charles Mills describes its roots, and the meaning of freedom in On Liberty.

– March 19, 2009
Locking horns with talk show host Rush Limbaugh
is not wise as Frank Creel opines in Rush Roulette.

– March 19, 2009
Allan Brownfeld shows us how we are paying for the mistakes of others
in Are There Any Limits on Bad Behavior?

– March 11, 2009
A controversial "personhood" bill has been introduced
in North Dakota. See Abortion Rights: Back to the States? by Robert L. Hale.

– March 10, 2009
Black Americans have made great strides
over the past few decades despite what the new U.S. Attorney General says. See Eric Holder’s America: A Different Land by Allan C. Brownfeld

– March 4, 2009
Frank Creel traces America's down turn
to the Enlightenment
utilitarianism, and the absence of a quest for the truth in Our Just Deserts

– March 3, 2009
Canada's Ontario province, under the leadership of the Liberals, has experienced massive social upheaval
in the past few decades as Mark Wegierski explains in A Look at Ontario Provincial Politics

– March 2, 2009
Should labor union members be entitled to secret ballot elections?
Allan Brownfeld explores this controversy in Democracy and Labor Unions: A Challenge to President Obama’s Commitment to Change

– February 27, 2009
Bob Hale takes apart President Obama's recent speech
in “… Because Nobody Messes with Joe”

See press release of Robert Hale column.

See the new film, "Return to the Gulag: Jon Utley's Search for his Father"

– February 26, 2009
Slick public officials cloak tools of extortion
in the mantle of public care, concern, and altruism explains Robert Hale in Certificate of Need: An Opportunity for Greed.

– February 25, 2009
Joe Sobran reminisces about Honest Abe
in Lincoln's Horse.

– February 24, 2009
Bringing back liberty will require
strong families, aggressive local governments, and a change in our national character opines Charles Mills in Reviving Liberty Will Take Courage

– February 19, 2009
The Department of Education should be abolished
says Frank Creel in A Counter-Reformation in Education

– February 18, 2009
Companies getting bailouts paid millions to lobbyists
according to Allan Brownfeld in his latest column Change: Easier to Talk About Than Achieve

– February 17, 2009
Liberals indulge communism
and are adverse to defining their terms muses Joe Sobran in his latest column, Obama and the “Right Wing”

– February 12, 2009
Robert Hale suggests 12 ways to curb wasteful government spending in
The 12-Step Cure: Can We Take It?

– February 11, 2009
Joe Sobran examines our past and current rulers
in his new column King Barack

– February 10, 2009
Charles G. Mills outlines the bureaucratic delays
faced by war veterans in Our Wounded Warriors Deserve Better

– February 5, 2009
Mark Wegieski examines the socially-liberal welfare state
mentality in Canada in The Crisis of Canadian Polity Since the 1960s: A Precis

– February 3, 2009
Frank Creel takes a look at economics
and the American worker in Avoiding Depression

– January 28, 2009
Are we indentured servants?
Robert Hale considers the federal government spending binge in From Freeman to Taxpayer to Slave in 60 Years

– January 26, 2009
Should the Fairness Doctrine make a come back?
Paul Gottfried examines this question in Fairness Doctrine: Selective Use on the Left, Hypocritical Opposition on the Right

– January 23, 2009
Jon Utley explains
How Bin Laden Bankrupted America: The Five Ways

– January 21, 2009
Is cannibalism next?
Joe Sobran reflects on the mentality of abortion in What Children Must Know

– January 19, 2009
Can Obama’s Victory Move Us Toward a Common Vision for the Future? Allan Brownfeld gives his perspective.

– January 15, 2009
Charles Mills makes a case to
Save the Electoral College.

– January 15, 2009
Frank Creel explains the importance of
Brokering a Syria-Israel Peace.

– January 15, 2009
Do our children's minds belong to the State?
Read Joe Sobran's latest column, Defining Education.

– January 8, 2009
Governor Blagojevich's actions are strikingly similar to the selling of committee chairmanships
in the U.S. Congress. Except the latter is standard operating procedure as Allan Brownfeld explains in Pay-for-Play in Illinois and Business as Usual in Washington:  How Different Are They?

– January 6, 2009
Repression of religious liberty is rampant in many of the "stans,"
the former Soviet Republics, but especially in Kazakhstan as Doug Bandow explains in his Foreign Follies column, Kazakhstan Turns Ugly.

– January 1, 2009
When the state moves in, the church is forced to move out.
Read the Joe Sobran classic, Do We Need the First Amendment?

– December 30, 2008
Will we be eating beef or tofu in the future?
See Robert Hale's latest colum, Cow Tax Could Destroy Livestock Industry.
by Robert L. Hale

– December 26, 2008
We live in era of moral relativism in which people refuse to declare any action wrong
and immoral or to confront the existence of evil. See Ignorance of Religious Traditions Accompanies America’s Ethical Decline.
by Allan C. Brownfeld

– December 23, 2008
Despite an election in October, the Queen of England has suspended the Canadian Parliament.
What gives? See Canadian Crisis Continues: Liberals Energized, Conservative Ouster Likely.
by Mark Wegierski

– December 18, 2008
Former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky and other hawks are gleeful
with the lack of change coming to Washington. See Obama Finds Favor with Neoconservatives by Paul Gottfried

– December 17, 2008
Some of Obama's economic advisors are the same
people who got the U.S. in financial turmoil. See In Search of a Principle to Justify Massive Bailouts by Allan C. Brownfeld

– December 12, 2008
Point/Counterpoint: Should the Government Bail Out the Auto Industry?
Jon Basil Utley
No: Robert Hale

– December 11, 2008
Charles G. Mills expounds on the government’s historical role in creating the current financial mess in
 Destroying the People’s Money.

– December 4, 2008
Late-breaking news from our Canada Correspondent, Mark Wegierski:
 Canada in Crisis: Will Left-Liberal Coalition Come to Power Without an Election?

– December 4, 2008
Frank Creel suggests that Catholics be pro-active in dealing with their Bishops
and the Obama Administration in Wait, Work, and Wrassle:  One Catholic's Perspective on Conservative Prospects.

– December 2, 2008
Western Civilization is rooted in religion
yet many Americans are ignorant of it, according to Joe Sobran in Christianity and History.
Read this column at Covenant News.

– November 27, 2008
Joe Sobran recalls the Canadian Broadcast Council's ban on Dr. Laura
for her politically incorrect views in his classic column, Can Dr. Laura Be Tolerated?

– November 25, 2008
Affirmative action has had a negative impact on minority students
according to a new book. See Allan Brownfeld’s latest column, Ending Racial Preferences: The Michigan Story.

– November 20, 2008
Charles Mills,
The Confederate Lawyer, examines the credit crisis in A Cure Worse than the Disease.

– December 2, 2008
Western Civilization is rooted in religion
yet many Americans are ignorant of it, according to Joe Sobran in Christianity and History.
Read this column at Covenant News.

– November 27, 2008
Joe Sobran recalls the Canadian Broadcast Council's ban on Dr. Laura
for her politically incorrect views in his classic column, Can Dr. Laura Be Tolerated?

– November 25, 2008
Affirmative action has had a negative impact on minority students
according to a new book. See Allan Brownfeld’s latest column, Ending Racial Preferences: The Michigan Story.

– November 20, 2008
Charles Mills,
The Confederate Lawyer, examines the credit crisis in A Cure Worse than the Disease.

– November 17, 2008
Allan Brownfeld,
The Conservative Curmudgeon's column Conservatism Not Defeated in November Election

Joe Sobran discusses a special friend in a new column, Patricia (includes photos)
– November 13, 2008

Why did mainstream America vote for a left-of-center candidate for President? Paul Gottfried explains in American Prosperity Brings Leftward Political Turn
– November 11, 2008

How is the U.S. similar to the Soviet Union? See Joe Sobran's classic column, The State v. Christian Culture
– November 6, 2008

Has crass materialism brought about a spiritual void in American society? See Allan C. Brownfeld's latest column, Economic Crisis Shows Capitalism Not An End in Itself
– November 4, 2008

Allan Brownfeld examines the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in AIPAC Does Not Speak for American Jews
– October 30, 2008

McCain seems afraid to offend anyone, even his opponent. See Paul Gottfried's analysis, McCain's Lackluster, Moderate Campaign.
– October 28, 2008

See the Joe Sobran classic column, Patriotism or Nationalism?
– October 24, 2008

Can Taxes Ever Be Fair? See The Confederate Lawyer
– October 21, 2008

Canada had a national election on October 14.
Mark Wegierski analyzes the results in Canadian Federal Election Leaves Social Liberalism Unchallenged.
– October 17, 2008

See Allan Brownfeld's latest column, Re-examining Booker T. Washington: Black America’s Prophetic Leader
– October 14, 2008

A court case makes it possible for children to divorce their parents. What's next? Sam Francis elaborates in A Child’s Garden of Lawsuits.
– October 9, 2008

With Canadian elections just days away, Mark Wegierski of Toronto presents a quick history of political parties in Canada in his latest View from the North column.
– October 7, 2008

Milton Friedman was one of the 20th century's most influential advocates of freedom. Why are some University of Chicago faculty embarrassed at the idea of an institute in his honor? See Allan Brownfeld's latest column.
– October 2, 2008

Will the Conservatives or Liberals prevail in the upcoming national elections in Canada on October 14? Mark Wegierski discusses the prospects in Northern Rumbles: A Canadian Federal Election Begins
– September 30, 2008

Even cold-blooded murder can be politically correct, especially if the victim is a cop. See Allan Brownfeld’s latest column, Murdered by Mumia: The Elite’s Crusade on Behalf of a Convicted Cop-Killer.
– September 25, 2008

Militant atheism is driven by furious hostility, to religious tradition. Joe Sobran elaborates in Sins of Organized Irreligion.
– September 23, 2008

Paul Gottfried writes that except for isolated pockets of
trial lawyers,
it is hard to find anyone who has resonated to Biden. See: Joe Biden: A Dubious Choice.
– September 18, 2008

Fallacies of an IQ critic are unraveled in Kevin Lamb's latest column, Intelligence Testing Revisited.
– September 16, 2008

The tragic killings at Columbine High School became a bottomless bonanza for pet causes of liberalism according to a classic column — Littleton Killings Unleashed Foes of Religion by Samuel Francis.
– September 11, 2008

The Reconstruction Acts of 1867-68 established military power to conduct rigged elections with neither black nor white voters having any real electoral power according to Charles Mills' latest column, Reconstruction Sowed Seeds of Corruption and Exploitation
– September 9, 2008

Joe Sobran lists some of his pet peeves in his latest column, Annoying Words
– September 4, 2008

Canadian journalist Mark Wegierski's View from the North column examines The Paleoconservative-Social Conservative Coalition in Canada.
– September 2, 2008

More than 300 languages are spoken in America. How is this impacting our country? Sam Francis ponders this development in Language Anarchy Fractures National Bonds.
– August 28, 2008

See Allan Brownfeld's latest column: What Would the Founding Fathers Think About the Explosive Growth of Government Power?
– August 26, 2008

The pope was right about contraception and the sexual
according to a new column by Joe Sobran: A Prophecy Fulfilled: The Wisdom of Humanae Vitae.
– August 21, 2008

What should the military do to help our disabled war veterans? Charles Mills has some ideas. See, The Seamless Transition.
– August 19, 2008

Read Paul Gottfried's article on Afro-Americans' forsaking the party of Lincoln in the on-line edition of THE RECORD, a daily newspaper in New Jersey.

Why do black Americans forsake the party of Lincoln? See Paul Gottfried's latest column, Black Republicans Face Rejection by Their Own Community.
– August 14, 2008

See Allan Brownfeld's latest column, Subsidizing Ethanol: The Unintended Consequences of Market Interference,
– August 12, 2008

Liberals adore Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt, but perhaps President Bush should also be a liberal icon. See the Joe Sobran classic, President Katrina.
– August 7, 2008

Canadian Mark Wegierski examines the downward spiral of society in The Crisis of Late Modernity in the West: A Précis.
– August 5, 2008

Is our Christian heritage is being omitted by American historians? See Joseph R. McCarthy: Time for Truth by Charles G. Mills.
– July 31, 2008

Were there really Communists in our government in the 1950s? See Truth and History by Mary Ann Kreitzer.
– July 29, 2008

Why are neoconservatives praising certain presidential lies? See the Sobran classic, Apotheosis of the Lie
– July 24, 2008

Conspicuous consumption, irresponsibility, and rapper role models in the inner city are discussed in Allan Brownfeld's Ghetto Mindset: Harmful to Urban Communities and America.
– July 22, 2008

Should Christians apologize for the Crusades? Sam Francis doesn't think so. See the Sam Francis classic, Guilt Trip Over the Crusades.
– July 17, 2008

Where might the internet be taking us? Mark Wegierski explores five areas that are potential hazards in Exploring the Social and Cultural Impact of the Internet:  Five Visions.
– July 15, 2008

See Mary Ann Kreitzer's FGF column on Oprah in the Philadelphia Bulletin.

Remember the flap over the National Security Agency tapping the phone calls of thousands of citizens? Why did no one object? See the Joe Sobran classic, Unknown Unknowns.
– July 10, 2008

Leonard Bernstein is second-tier compared to Karl Böhm, an Austrian classical music conductor driven to perfection. See Kevin Lamb's Karl Böhm: The Underappreciated Maestro.
– July 8, 2008

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